Best 3 Gun Scope – Top 10 Reviews 2020

The best 3 gun scope is your survivor on the field because of the nobility for the shooting sports is increasing day by day where you are indulged in participating in an area to test out your skills using different guns depending upon the target range, and the 3 gun is such a class of weapon to help you win the competition.

Best 3 Gun Scope

But how? Of course, a target at a good range of up to 500 yards cannot get hit with any other scope. To deal with the dilemma where your only hope is to rely upon 3 guns, the appropriate and compatible ranges that all you need to mount over your 3 guns.

The sport shooting requires you to be swift and accurate, but it does not relate to hitting the target, but the winning is based upon how fast you were able to run on the marked target.

The quicker you do, the higher the chances of getting closer to winning the competition.

So, do not fall behind when picking the 3 gun scope because we have you covered, and offering the top 10 and best 3 gun scope to align your shooting skill to lead the chart.

Best 3 Gun Scope — Updated picks in 2020!

Best 3 Gun Scope
Reticle Type
1. Bushnell Tactical Elite SMRS
(Editor’s Choice)
Illuminated FFP BTR-2
Drop Zone
Red & Green Illuminated
Red & Green Reflex Sight Dot
8. Pinty
Rangefinder Illuminated Reflex Sight Dot
9. Nikon
10. UTG
36-Color Mil-Dot

1. Bushnell Tactical Elite SMRS – Best Tactical Scope

First off and when the budget is not a matter to afford the high-priced scope to happily mount over your 3 gun, then the Bushnell Tactical Elite SMRS is ready to have you experience the high-class range loaded with the best features to top the chart.

Having being integrated with the illuminated FFP BTR-2 mil-hash and the marked reticle is the absolute answer to hit the long-ranging targets with the proper holdover combined with the windage correction to ensure the target does not get away without getting hit and the marked circle comes with variety of 11 different brightness settings illuminate and turn it darker as per the environment condition.

It locked the with T-Lok that keeps the turrets of elevation and windage to correct the reticle where it gets locked to not lose the settings during the recoil. Enough magnification levels range from the minimum of 1x to up to 8.5x level along with a 24mm objective lens to easily view the images with enhanced clarity.

As coated along with the ultra-wide bang and the optics being multiple covered to provide the more considerable light transmission experience with the clarity of images to feel real-life scenes. With the hard-formed aluminum to construct this one-piece scope for 3 guns coupled with few other notable features like the built-in Rain Guard HD activated to deliver anti-fog technology to keep the lenses clear all the time.

All in all, this Bushnell Tactical Elite SMRS is way out of the league for the professional shooter to enjoy the accurate shots every time.

  • High-end illuminated FFP BTR-2 reticle
  • High magnification level to reach the target at a fair distance 
  • Pretty heavy to hold

2. Bushnell Optics – Best Mid Range Scope

We got another impressive scope from the same Bushnell Optics that comes with the drop zone reticle to load up on your m1a rifle without facing a single problem—having the size of a small 30-millimeter tube in the diameter to keep it compact and being constructed with the high-end durable aluminum alloy and the anodized finish to keep it shining in any day’s condition.

Covered with the O-ring seals to make it waterproof and the multi-coated optics keep the fog away from producing inside the lens to make sure that is not going to get affected through extreme weather conditions. 

Enjoy the precise accuracy at the distance of 500 yards with no chance of missing a hit, which makes it the more-than perfect using the drop-zone BDC ballistic reticle. And the targeting turrets for windage and elevation to support the reticle aim with sharp accuracy to start dialing in the value of 0.1-mils click to fast adjust the turret.

Only having the 4x magnification that would resemble it is just an average scope, but in reality, it is not. Though 4x is relatively the lower of the maximum magnification level but getting coupled with the multi-coated lens to attract the brightness calibrated towards the maximum gains and the fast-focus eyepiece helps in locking on the target quickly without blurring the view as you move up and down the magnification stages; get clear and sharp field view despite the light and day’s condition.

  • Water and fog-proof tube built with high-grade aluminum
  • Suitable for the target at 500 yards distance
  • Just got 4x magnification levels 

3. Nikon Buckmasters II – Best BDC Reticle Scope

Who would not want to own the best-performing scope in a highly affordable budget? It is viable to select the enormous scope against the budget that does not affect much on the wallet. In simpler words, Nikon Buckmasers II is all that you need. 

Getting layered to the multiple folds, the anti-reflective compounds used on the surface of the glasses ensure the delivery of viewing images are bright and showing the maximum colors to not fade the viewing experience, which is the required element to see through dusk and down with the eminent light transmission.

The BDC reticle with the definite clicking of the windage and elevation adjustment turrets allow you to swiftly get zeroed in a while maintaining the settings you achieved, which would not get loose during the substantial recoil impacts. Though this looks to be more straightforward of the feature that every scope should be equipped, it is not as simple to get along as the consequences are sometimes more than dreadful than one can think.

Loaded with the spot on the technology used with reticle, this streamlines the exact and accurate aiming to lock on the targets despite their distance, and that ensures a shot is not a miss. Enjoy the enhanced accuracy and slide away to the top of the charts in no time! 🙂

  • Constructed with aluminum and keeping the surface with anti-reflective compounds to not hush the target
  • Budget-friendly!
  • Comes with BDC reticle for keeping it simple
  • May attract the fog under the woody surrounding

4. CVLIFE – Best Scope with Illuminated Reticle

Do not go to the size but evaluate the bunch of features this CVLIFE scope to get mounted on your 3 gun to take down any of the targets at whatever distance. Made exclusively with the unmatched design, CVLIFE scope comes with the Kellner eyepiece that includes the dioptric adjustment lens to maintain the absolute focus on the image with a reduced chance of aberration.

The adjustment turrets for matching the elevation and windage to support the reticle to correctly set on the target. And when we are talking about the reticle, it does not come with any ordinary one. 

The full reticle comes with the combination of laser for the accurate markings on the aim even though the general reticle without the laser is already set on the target. This mil-dot reticle illuminates to red and green to intensify its breadth to 5 different levels. Whereas, the laser class of IIIA can help the shooters locking on precise areas of the target.

Generous eye relief with the full magnification stages to the maximum of 10x level that takes you to get your target in your sight being at a distance up to 800 yards, and the laser markings assure you have your favorite sweet spot in your reach. It comes with the right field of view that reduces the chances of moving the scope as the target moves. Expect the viewing of up to 11.53 feet at the highest magnification level of 10, where you cannot afford to drive for an inch.

  • Illuminated reticle with green and red colors
  • Used to construct with aluminum
  • Great to quickly zoom in at the target
  • Zeroing issue as it would not remember the adjustments

5. Vortex Optics Crossfire II – Best Scope with V Plex Reticle

The famous in the line of 3 gun scope, and we cannot deliberately skip mentioning this particular Vortex Optics Crossfire II, which has the power to top the chart of most-useful and reliable shooting gear. Equipped with the V-Plex type of reticle that keeps it simple at work and by the look of scope, the first thing that would strike you is the problematic reticle to first learn the use.

Having the merest 3x to up to the highest of 9x magnification levels, this much of the zoom can easily hit the targets at the variable distance of more than 600 yards along with the simpler-to-use V-Plex reticle. The objective lens of suitable 40mm in size gets you to sight over the field of view to up to 12.6 feet when selected the highest magnification level of up to 9x. 

Dressed up with the capped turrets through the finger adjustable MOA clicks to possess the zero in at the target and resetting it quickly when done where the acquired settings would not lose at the time of massive and impactful recoil. 

Wearing the O-ring seal keeps this tube that is constructed with the high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, which extensively protects it from letting the water insert in the pipe as well as make it shock-proof to perform to its best under any environment.

And the nitrogen-purged design keeps it away from building the fog that ensures it is not going to regret you from owning under the weather conditions to not compromise with your game to call it off.

  • Right 9x magnification level to lock on the target at a fair distance
  • Fullest of the objective lens with 40mm size
  • Keeps the claim to be fog and waterproof
  • May feel blurred reticle at high magnification levels

6. SONICKING – Best Duplex Reticle Scope

Engineered to deliver the outclass results, and SonicKing does not leap behind when it comes to the quality scope to get mounted on 3 guns. For the enhanced accuracy, the retile made of a duplex along with five crosshair lines to rapidly acquire the target that allows you to move back and forth with not losing the aim. To easily measure the size of the goal and the objects on the sides, this 5-lined duplex is the right set of the reticle to utilize by the beginners.

Got up to four magnification levels and the 32mm objective lens in size; the target at the relative difference does not go off the sight to get the field of view in your display where every 100 yards meant for viewing up to 25.1 feet. 

It is constructed to keep the whole scope as a single unit tube, and designed with the aircraft-grade aluminum to have it to absorb all the bumps and shocks to have it lasted for too long. But that is not it, wearing the O-ring seals protects the tube from slipping in power for the waterproof performance where it would not let the water coming in even if it submerges to the greater depth.

The nitrogen-filled lens works excellent to deliver the high-end performance to use it under the extreme weather conditions, and nothing is going to happen to the scope. The multiple coated optical lens provides the exterior glass to protect the images from abrasion as well as everything is flawlessly in your sight under any light condition to abruptly make use of the scope.

It is integrated with the adjustment turrets for windage and elevation that allow you to conveniently match the reticle with the distance per magnification level. It takes just mere seconds to set the reticle matching with your preferred zooming level. And when the sight is zero in, do not worry about losing the setting any time during the heavy recoil and using it under rough conditions.

  • Pretty sleek and straightforward to use a 3-gun scope
  • A good field of view
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Backward turrets that may ruin the whole experience of using this most exceptional scope

7. CVLIFE Sight – Best Signing Scope

Here we find CVLIFE Sight scope worthy of being included in our list. Coated with the anti-glare compounds lens provides the crystal clear visibility of the images along with 3 positions of rheostat that illuminates into red and green color to ensure you got various options to select when sighting in the target into different climate conditions.

Also, it got up to four different reticle types from circle dot, 10 MOA, 3 MOA, and cross to fit into what kind of the target you are aiming at to meet in your scope. And the windage and elevation turrets come with the adjustment to let the reticle flow along the distance and get aimed at the target with having to reduce the blur and glare

This CVLIFE sight scope comes with the tubeless design using the high-grade aluminum to keep it lightweight and durable as well as the excellent 33mm reflex lens is more than enough to enjoy the broader field of view to up to 15.8 meters @ the distance of 100 meters. The more you close in the zoom, the lesser the field of view to get along the target fit in the lens.

More importantly, it got five intensity settings to change the color of illumination to red and green colors and increase the color intensity of your reticle to easily view it setting over the reticle.

  • Best 3-gun sight scope
  • Compact in size for accurate accuracy
  • Colored reflex and interchangeable reticle 
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Does not hold to zero after successful settings

8. Pinty Rifle – Best 3 9x32mm Scope

We believe the first thought that you strike your mind when you take your first glance over the design of this Pinty Rifle, that is going to cost a lot! But on the contrary, it is well under your budget without betting much of the money to own this best of the 3 gun scope to get the onlookers to slide them down in awful condition. See them talking about the extent and guessing the price.

This Pinty rifle has the complete elegant features to beat down every single competition. It is coming with the rangefinder reticle that illuminates into two colors of red and green and equipped with green dot laser to perfect the sight on the target.

The brightness control with unlimited intensity levels keep you to adjust the reticle according to the environment you are stuck inside, let it be a day or the night, and achieve the best brightness to harden the reticle.

Get to view the target at a fair distance through its magnification levels from 3x to the maximum of 9x, which can allow you to easily aim down at the range of more than 600 yards, and the multi-coated optics help you to NOT lose the quality at any magnified levels.

Expect the feature-rich scope under the well-affording price tag; do not ever lose the competition!

  • Rangefinder illuminated reticle to interchange the colors to become red and green
  • Loaded with lens
  • Pretty affordable in price
  • May face issue with mounting that it will drive off per shooting rounds

9. Nikon 16558 – Best Affordable Scope

Sleek and straightforward in the design, and this Nikon 16558 scope fits well under the category to deliver you the perfect and precise shooting at the target that all it takes you to not fall off the chart.

The multi-coated layers of the anti-reflective material to enhance the maximum light transmission with the increased brightness along with the contrast for better sighting the pictures when your aim is precise; the real-life view!

The aircraft-grade aluminum used to construct this design ensures the scope is not going to break any time soon as well as the outer surface made with the hardened Type-III anodized finish to keep it to the lower end of lightweight and absorb all of the roughness and scratches to not degrade it in the performance.

Adjustment turrets with the clicking value of ¼ inches to help to zero in quickly where the settings do not lose at the time of heavy recoils because that is the last moment everything could forget their places.

Wearing the O-ring seals do the wonder, it would not let the moisture to reach inside the tube and being nitrogen-purged comes with enough reliability to go through the thermal shocks and bear the impacts if accidentally fell off the ground.

  • Anti-reflective surface coating
  • Best for water and fog-proof performance
  • A little heavy to hold

10. UTG – Best Mil Dot Scope

And our last pick of the best 3 gun scope and this goes to be UTG the one best scope out in the market that we intentionally kept for last. This 30-millimeter extended tactical scope is quite the fittest of the selection to change the world around you.

Got loaded with mil-dot and EZ Tap reticle containing 36 colors to change according to your mode and the environment to make the reticle fit on the target. You can understand the reticle with black or with dual colors may not give a good experience on the ground when holding the aim over. So, these 36 color combinations can make this job more comfortable for you to quickly switch the colors and ensure which one’s going to work

The O-ring seals and getting nitrogen-filled to the optimum level keeps it working exceptionally well without getting worried at the time of extreme weather and hitting the heavy recoil to protect it from shocks, fog, and the rain.

12x of the maximum magnification level with right 30mm objective lens can take you to reach up to 1,000 yards without compromising the quality, and that makes sure the glasses were designed with multi-emerald coats to make this claim a fact.

  • 36-colored mil-dot reticle
  • Best for long-range targeting with proper 12x magnification levels
  • Relatively heavy to feel when mounted


So, are you satisfied with the collection of our best 3 gun scope

As they all vary from performance and the pricing, but they do the perfect job to have you winning the shooting competition with the enhanced accuracy that is on the highest demanded feature scope should hold for you.

Now, get any one of them and see the magic!