Best Compound Bow – Top 10 Reviews 2021

Ever heard of the best compound bow? Well, you might be wondering about what it is (if you are NOT really into hunting from the core!)

Go different in the hunting field with something changed in shape and the scope that may perceive you cannot. It is like diving into old history and equipped with ancient weapons worked best in the past ages.

By the time of revolutionizing the industry and the advancement in science and physics, this traditional weapon has emerged to the instance it delivers the perfect hunting experience equal to the power of guns.

What we do here is to bring you the best compound bow out of hundreds available in the market, which gives the intensified challenge to you for picking what is the right one according to your own needs and the requirements.

Labeled to be the acute weapon of archery, this requires you to prior learning beforehand to shoot the arrows right on the target.

Let it be the professional archer; the art of utilizing the bow always demands you to shoot it with the best of your knowledge and skill.

So, let’s get no more worried about which one goes to fit on your shoulder to take along the hunting field as we bring you only the best compound bow to choose out of hundreds.

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Best Compound Bow – Top 10 Reviews

1. Crosman Elkhorn Jr.

This absolute compound bow from Crosman Elkhorn Jr., namely the model ‘ABY1721’, is well designed to be consumed by the beginner but the kid archers to edge up the art of hunting.

Good to go for the pre-teen archers, this compound bow that requires the draw weight of over 15 lbs and the maximum draw length reaching to the mark of powerful 26 inches to produce over 70 FPS (not frame but feet per second) which is quite enough of the speed for the pre-teen compound bow to hit the target with, though it is not much of the rate still it is manageable.

Weighing just around 3.3 lbs with enough generous brace height of over 8 inches giving the rocket thrust to the arrow to flight out of the nock 

The bright 33 inches of axle-to-axle length is more than enough for this pre-teen compound bow to get it into the teens’ grip, and their sight gave the fact of their shorter body length.

Ready to start hitting the target the minute it arrives at your end; this Crosman Elkhorn Jr. compound bow is the perfect one to improve their shooting performance that is new in the line-up and giving the kids to go on the hunting fields with something different they would have ever experienced in their lives.

All-black in color and included with the accessories such as arm guard, quivers, finger tab, two composite arrows, and rest.

  • Best compound bow for juniors
  • Awarded by a 90-days warranty
  • Composite riser
  • Comes with unscrewable arrows

2. Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Crafted for the adults, this compound bow from Bear Archery Cruzer G2 is the insane archery equipment loaded with modern technology and based upon the advancement of contemporary physics rules.

Engineered to be effectively and conveniently used by any age and the skill levels they relate to, this compound bow would never disappoint the users, either they are handling it for the first time feeling nervous or are already pro in their profession and have won the archery medals back in the time.

Loaded with over six useful accessories from Trophy Ridge, the ultimate tools provider to the bowhunters which they openly trust in the build and the credibility,

As it was stated to be the best work for any age, it includes the mechanism that allows keeping the draw length range to best of its adjustability from 12 inches to 30 inches so that anyone can make the perfect shot depending on their skill levels (and the age, of course!) which vary the draw weight from 5 lbs to 70 lbs on the peak.

The perfect axle-to-axle length makes for around 30 inches, which are called to be standard length for such a compound bow having the ranges mentioned above.

Feel the super lightweight on the hold as it weighs just about 3 lbs with the guaranteed shooting at 315 feet per second at the maximum draw length, ultimately giving you the edge to make all the adjustments through the Allen wrench which kills the need of placing it over the bow press to conduct the necessary changes.

  • Best compound bow for everyone
  • Does not need to put over the bow press for adjustment
  • Use the minute it arrives
  • Somewhat expensive

3. PSE Guide Junior

I wish I were younger enough to utilize this PSE Guide Junior archery compound bow fits for the younger archers ranging from the different age brackets from 8 years to older.

Specially designed for the beginners to learn the art of archery, applied with ergonomic principles to best fit into the smaller hands that may give you (beginners) the hunch of how you could get to use it on the first day just by the look because it is not something the beginner archers would face the real challenge when they are awarded this compound bow to use by themselves.

Includes the pre-installed finger savers by default, which minimizes the hurdle of bringing one to integrate or any other finger protective units because of the fear the beginners find it challenging to use the raw strings without the gloves or such protective units.

Holds the acute specifications to fit for the beginners, the adjustable draw height of 8 lbs to 26 lbs with the draw length of 16-½” to 26” depending on the person’s age (of course, the beginner) and relatively shorter in the overall axle-to-axle size to 23-¼” to let the beginners enjoy shooting this archery on the field.

Have it and grow your passion for archery by going into the field with confidence!

  • Best affordable compound bow for beginners
  • Finger saver included
  • Ideal for the young archer
  • Unremovable finger grips

4. NXT Generation Rapid Riser

The instinct of archery is best learned at an early age. That is the prime time to learn an extensive skill, and archery is the one you can feel proud of.

This NXT Generation Rapid Riser is built for the child to practice targeting at an early age as it includes the high-performing crossbow giving the extreme accuracy to get the teenagers to enjoy hitting the targets at any time with the ready-to-hit NXT Generation Rapid Riser kids’ compound bow. 

Place anything to the distance of 50 feet, let it be the toys or anything from foam darts, and see the arrow swinging swiftly towards the target to make every shot a success.

Includes the arrows loaded with the suction cups at the tip not just to let this kid compound bow to fire off the arrows with speed to gain the accuracy but it would stick to the target to ensure you hit the proposed area of the target giving you the chance of winning some candies (if that was presented as a bet!)… 🙂

Safe to use, the purchase includes over three projectile get to stick on any smooth surface through its foam suction cups, giving the parent the freedom not to get afraid of destroying the valuable found around the home.

So, let your child roam freely while learning the art of archery at an early age to see them transforming into the professional archer in the future.

  • Kids-friendly compound bow
  • Includes target face
  • Good to flight over 50 feet distance
  • Plastic made bow, can break down with little force.

5. Leader Accessories

Decent, simple, and powerful; these three ultimate features are significantly discovered out of this Leader Accessories compound bow ready to deliver the final results, which you cannot expect out of this simpler bow.

Do not go by the look, but the absolute performance is meant to deliver on the hunting field. 

With being hand orientation to the right side, this compound bow as enough clearance included with the adjustability of the draw weight to over 19 to 29 lbs which proportionally depends on the draw length of 24 inches to 26 inches giving you the maximum speed of 129 FPS (feet per second) to travel when shot through the maximum length range including the let off to 65 percent at fully drawn hold.

Weighing only around 2.2 lbs with the axle-to-axle length of 32 inches and the clear brace height of 7.5 inches gives an edge to the pro archers to freely use this Leader Accessories compound bow to do the perfect hunting on the field.

Made to sustain the force while keeping the frame steady, the aluminum-made riser allows you to adjust the draw weight through the enclosed Allen wrench, which does not let you store it up on the bow presser to unhook the parts and make all the adjustments. 

  • Works for the right-handed folks
  • Aluminum riser
  • One-year of warranty
  • Designed for the target shooting, and kids

6. Genesis Original

We keep simple, and we love the simplicity in everything we happen to purchase off the market. Keeping pace with the same, we tend to bring not only the pure and compromising the performance, and we certainly do not deliberately do it.

Best labeled as one of the best archery compound bows out in the world, the more straightforward design is pretty much readied to start shooting the next minute it arrives at your doorstep. This same one comes from the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) to be classified as the official bow that is used in the schooling system to master the art of archery.

Be any of the archers from beginner to intermediate to the athlete, you are well and good to use this exclusive Genesis Original compound bow that is marked as the one most excellent option presented into the market that is renowned for its trust and the performance to grow yourself as the pure archer for the world to know.

With the productive capacity to adjust it the way you want, this Genesis Original bow allows adjusting accordingly to your skill level, so it works best for the beginners as well as the renowned athletes. They have mastered the art of archery.

Having the draw weight of the maximum 20 lbs can be easily lowered down to 10 lbs with the use of standard hex wrench, and being stayed between the draw lengths of over 15 inches to 30 inches ensures you can use it the way given the fact your age and the skill levels.

Made the riser with the machined 6061-T6 aluminum giving the extreme strength and the adaptability to shoot with the increased accuracy.

  • Elite-class of compound bow
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Single cam for the accurate shooting
  • NOT powerful enough for the real hunting

7. Predator Archery Raptor

Just by the name, this Predator Archery Raptor designed to hunt down the real predators on the field with enough confidence. 

Getting the adjustable draw length to set according to your skill level varies from 24.5” to 31” with the draw weight around 30 lbs to 70 lbs, which you can do all the adjustment without needing to hook up into the bow press.

Spacious axle-to-axle length of well over 30 inches with the weight ranging to 3.3 lbs keeping it classified under the lightweight category, giving you the owner of 315 FPS shooting at the maximum setting using the arrow of 350 grains’ weight.

Good let-off power to around 75 percent, even though you aim to shoot the arrow with the maximum draw weight power of 70 lbs, need you to make the hold at 17.5 lbs, which are not enough for the intermediate archers to get a hold of.

Comes included with the split yoke tuning system, it allows you to make the precise adjustments to gain the steady arrow flight as the archers leave the strings from the nock.

The machined aluminum ensures it does not keep the design made of plastic used in any area, especially with the cams to turn out to become one reliable compound bow that you can buy from this affordable price range.

  • Fully adjustable draw weight
  • Allen wrench to loosen and tighten up the adjustments without the bow press
  • Self-assembly required

8. iGlow 

We are sure this iGlow unit goes to be your one favorite archery to get along in the hunting field for the successful game.

Pretty powerful at the go, this takes up the adjustable draw weight from 30 lbs to 55 lbs varying accordingly to the draw length of 19” to 29” depending upon your hold power transforming to gain the maximum speed of 296+ FPS holding the draw at the maximum extent.

Good sized axel-to-axel makes it capable of getting used by anyone from beginner to pro archers to upscale their skill of hunting with the compound bow with the let-off clearance of over 70 percent for the perfect and accurate shooting.

Made the rise with high-quality aluminum with the limb of compression-molded fiberglass material, which keeps the design nicely polished from axel to axel.

Recommended to hook up the arrows to the size of 30 inches made with either aluminum or carbon for the enhanced performance, which you deem for getting off from the compound bows.

Comes included with the premium-quality kit consist of optic bow sight, sight light, rubber stabilizer, peep sight tube, Allen keys, bow sling, D-loop string, brush arrow rest, which would never let you purchase anything for this iGlow compound bow as long as you use it.

  • Swift arrow speed
  • Comes with compression-molded fiberglass limb
  • Heavier in the weight for the kids

9. Topoint Archery

Designed for the right-handed archers, this Topoint Archery compound bow is the ultimate archery weapon to win most of your hunts depending on the skill level.

With the certified IBO speed of over 320 FPS, this sleek and the short-sized compound bow brings you the various level of adjustable draw weight from 19 lbs to over the maximum of 70 lbs and the draw length of 19” to extreme 30” which proves it is consumable to play the most excellent hunting from beginners to professional levels.

And to make all the adjustments, this does not let you hook up on the bow press using the Allen key while holding it in your hand.

Standard axle-to-axle size to over 28” keeps it to steadily hold the compound bow letting even the beginners use it to gain the best performance out of every shot with the let-off power to 80 percent while the overall weight it contains to around 3.3 lbs feeling all lightweight.

Made the bow riser of the high-grade aluminum material with the CNC milling bow came to the grade of 7075-T6, enabling this compound bow to survive the years of perfect hunting.

Finished with the anodized and camo combination containing the brace height of over 7” is good enough to utilize and do the enjoyable hunting every time you enter the field.

  • Fastest arrow flight speed
  • Excessive brace height
  • Not installed with the peep sight.

10. Crosman Upland

Designed exclusively for the youth beginning to learn the archery skill, this Crosman Upland compound bow including the start-up kit to get started with the right pace to outgrow your ability to become a professional archer in the future.

Fits for the kids from ages 4 to 8 years, this takes you to learn the ‘WHY’ of the archery fundamentals with everything keeping to the necessary levels to learn this skill with ease. No fancy jargons intended!

With the draw weight of the maximum 10 lbs at the adjustable draw length varying between 22 inches to 24 inches over the overall range from axle-to-axle reaching to 36.5” along with the brace height of 7.5” and the let-off percentage to well over 60 makes it one complete compound bow suited for the kids learning this exclusive art.

Play safe and with all the required accessories, which include two fiberglass-made arrows, a quiver, armguard, finger guard, color grips, ping sight, and one piece of the target face for the kids to enjoy learning the compound bow.

  • Best compound bow to the younger kids
  • Super convenient to use
  • Allocated to use just for the fun targeting


Now, this concludes our list of the best compound bow where we have collected and selected the top-class compound bows for you and your loved ones.

Varying from the prices and the features, these compound bows are different depending on the age factor, and hence, they are good at their task.

But, they all vary from the factor that the beginner compound bows may not be used for the full-fledged hunting rather than the blowing the face target.

So, do the rest of the thing yourself and select one of the best compound bows which suit according to your needs and the skill level.