10 Best Electric Fishing Reel

Are you looking for the best electric reel? There are a lot of options, and it can be overwhelming to find the one that suits your needs. In this post, I’ll break down 10 different reels that have been shown to be some of the best by multiple sources.

I’ll cover their pros and cons as well as what they’re specifically good at so you can make an informed decision about which is right for you. Let’s get started!

The 10 Best Electric Reels

#1. Leobritz Daiwa 2017 S500J: Best for Saltwater and Freshwater fishing

Leobritz Daiwa 2017 S500J is a simple, straightforward reel that has plenty of power for saltwater fishing. It’s lightweight and comfortable to use, so it won’t weigh you down on your journey through the water.

You can adjust its drag easily with one hand or free up the line by using the Quick Drag system. When you’re not using your reel, tie it securely to both rods so it doesn’t get in the way of other fishermen – they might mistake your Leland Daiwa for theirs! While this may be an inexpensive option, don’t underestimate its quality; other fishermen know how good this product really is due to its popularity.

The Daiwa S500J is one of the most popular electric reels on the market for good reason – it’s a great value. It offers all the features you need in an electric reel without breaking the bank, and it’s perfect for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

One thing I love about this reel is the Quick Drag system. This allows you to quickly free up line when you need it, which comes in handy when you’re fighting a big fish. The drag system is also adjustable, so you can customize it to your needs.

The Daiwa S500J is also lightweight and comfortable to use, which makes a big difference out on the water all day long. This is a great option for anglers of all abilities.


– less expensive than other reels

– easy to adjust drag and to use with one hand

– comfortable and lightweight – won’t weigh you down out on the water all day long


– not as powerful as the other reels on this list

#2. Shimano PLEMIO 3000 Big Game

The Shimano PLEMIO 3000 Big Game is the premier electric reel for serious anglers looking to catch a big catch. This powerful, lightweight reel has a total of 4 ball bearings in order to be able to cast farther and bring in more fish. It includes a FREE line release cure- any fisherman knows how important this feature is!

The Anti-Reverse system means your line never gets left on the spool when you stop reeling, which makes it easier for you to get back out there again. The blue tooth technology used with this reel helps make all adjustments quick and easy. It’s a high quality yet also affordable enough that anyone could enjoy using it – no sneaking around necessary!




-4 ball bearings

-FREE line release

-Anti-reverse system

-Blue tooth technology for quick and easy adjustments


– None! This reel is perfect for anyone looking to catch a big fish.

The Shimano PLEMIO 3000 Big Game is the perfect electric reel for anyone looking to catch a big fish. It’s powerful, lightweight, and has all the features you need to make your fishing experience as smooth as possible.

#3. Daiwa 19 Seaborg 500MJ

Daiwa Seaborg 500MJ is an ideal blend of traditional loop-control and modern speed. It has a frog adjustment system that lets you catch fish no matter which way they swim, with the touch of your finger. This reel also offers high-precision gear ratios to make casting long distances easy, as well as baitcaster performance for spigot use.

It features a fully machined aluminum frame bedplate, corrosion-resistant coating on the gears, advanced centrifugal braking control for longer casts, and line management keeps it tangle-free so you can concentrate on fishing instead of how to work the reels brake.

This heavy-duty electric auto reel provides superior performance at affordable prices.

Its overall size makes this setup perfect for offshore use, yet it is also manageable on smaller inshore vessels. The Seaborg’s 11-bearing system ensures smoothness and long life, making this reel a good investment for anglers of all levels.


– Frog adjustment system

– High precision gear ratios

– Machined aluminum frame bedplate

– Corrosion resistance coating on the gears

– Advanced centrifugal braking control

– Line management keeps it tangle-free

– 11 bearing system for smooth use

– Great value


– Heavy and bulky, which can make it difficult to transport everything comfortably

#4. Kaigen 7000CP by Banax

The Kaigen 7000CP is one of the most user-friendly fishing reels on the market. Lightweight but powerful, this reel has a 3 ball bearing system that allows you to cast farther and fish for longer periods without getting worn out. It also features an easy spool release with magnetic brake control – another time saver!

Plus, it’s made of 100% Japanese parts and fully machined aluminum, so it will last for years. This reel is of great value thanks to its low price point while still exceeding all other products in quality and durability.


– Powerful lightweight design (3 ball bearings)

– Magnetic Brake Consumption Reduction System (MBRS) takes less energy to power through resistance especially when fighting a strong fish

– Easy spool release with MBRS for more time saving

– Fully machined aluminum frame and side plates


None! This is an excellent affordable reel.

#5. Beast Master 9000 by Shimano

Shimano is the name in fishing gear. This top-of-the-line reel offers a patented design, superior performance, high-quality construction, and value prices that put it on the list of best buys. It features Shimano’s Shadow Drag System for smooth power casting performance. The handle is specially molded so you have total control over its use, yet it still has an ergonomic grip for comfortable hours of fishing at sea or shore.

The roller bearing system incorporates eight ball bearings provides limitless cranking power with no stacking or binding – even when fighting some mighty ocean predators! The rugged aluminum side plates are double reinforced to provide protection against dings and give your reel added life. The machine cut function allows you to switch into deep-sea bait caster mode for a chance to land some serious fish!


– Patented design

– Superior performance

– High-quality construction

– Value prices

– Shadow Drag System provides smooth power cranking

– Ergonomic grip for comfort and control even after hours of use       –

Roller bearing system with

#6. Tanacom 750 Electric Fishing Reel by Daiwa

#7. Tanacom 1000 Electric Fishing Reel by Daiwa

#8. Kaigan 1000 Electric Reel by Banax

#9. Force Master 9000 by Shimano

#10. Kaigen 150 Electric Fishing Reel by Banax

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