Best Long Range Scopes – Top 8 Reviews 2020

For hunting and long-range shooting, you need the precise and exact shot because of that one shot is all you need. When a target is undefined, and you are asked to hit a wall on any point, that is okay, and you can blindly hit a shot without the chance of a miss. But when you are told to aim at a particular target, nothing but the best long-range scope would help you to lock on the target.

Imagine the scenario where the moving objects at the fair distance are hard to lock on, let it be a deer running from a range of about 300 yards, and one time shot is considered to be a miss.

Whether or not you are in for the long-range firing, at some level, you will be in need of having your firing rifle loaded with one of the scopes for the enhanced accuracy.

Most pro hunters and shooters take enormous help from the scopes, and their firing skill success has a more considerable amount of contribution done from them.

Now the question is… which scope to buy?

We know that it is not entirely possible to make a decision when you do not entirely know about the thing that makes the best long-range scope.

Let’s stick with us and explore the best of the long-range scope to up your accurate firing skill.

Best Long Range Scope For The Money — Updated list!

Best Long Range Scope
Scope Size
Reticle Type
1. Feyachi Falcon
(Editor’s Choice)
Dead-Hold BDC MOA

Our sole criteria for picking the formidable long-range scope

Lenses = Type of the lenses and they should always be of the top-notch class.

Scope Body = Go for the single-piece design crafted with the aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure the whole scope body will stick for years.

Recital = For the long-range shooting, go with the scopes having reticle classified as MIL or MOA of measurements are the basic ones to target the aim effectively without going through the jargon and mantra of other reticle readers.

Magnification Power = The more, the better. So, make sure what kind of zooming/magnification power your scope would come included.

Focal Plane = Go for either First Focal Plane or the Second Focal Plane, and we do not care about it. But the latter is for the established shooters/hunters who have an excellent command by using the full-fled long-range scopes without any problem.

So, opt for First Focal Plane as the more you zoom in on the target, the reticle’s size will increase while with the Second Focal Plane, the situation is contrary, and the shooter would have to set in the adjustment to get the focal plane to lock on the target.

1. Feyachi Falcon – Best Long Range Rifle Scope

The pure professional hunters and shooters, Feychi Falcon’s scope, is just for them to win the trophies!

It is crafted with the design of an aircraft-grade aluminum tube with the hard formed o-ring seal in place to protect it from water and fog to attain the best performance out of it.

Technical Features:

  • The whole body of the scope is made with the aircraft-grade 6061-T6 type of high-performing aluminum to withstand the wear and tears of weather and protect it from getting scratched and from water as well as fog.
  • Its hand-turning positive-click reticle to adjust it to get zeroed in on the target quicker and would not ruin the setting even after the shots are fired.
  • It is laminated with multiple layers of purple-colored glass with anti-reflective compounds to get the bright and clear pictures with optimum clarity during the time of dawn and dusk to not lose the sight of any object moving in and out.
  • The Feyachi Falcon scope got the brilliant second focal plane BDC MOA reticle to calibrate accordingly to the target at a higher distance to primary the dead-on lock over the objects to hit a successful shot!

Why go with Feyachi Falcon?

Anything at the range of up to 100 yards or 300 feet, no one will spare from getting hunt through this Feyachi Falcon scope and see no shot hitting a miss.

  • The best performance made possible with best-designed material of aluminum
  • Comes with dead-hole BDC MOA second focal reticle through its hand-click adjustable reticle
  • Focuses quickly with long eye relief and the ultra-forgiving eye box to lock on the target
  • Does not fit well on some rifles

Bottom Line:

Under the budget and the hunting and shooting done on not-so-long ranges, Feyachi Falcon is not a bad idea to own.

2. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II – Best Long Range Vortex Scope

When we are told to pile up the list of scope to use for the long range shooting, Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II does not miss a slot out of the list.

This remarkable first focal plane riflescope is going to be the best companion of avid hunters and shooters to make the precise and accurate shot by right on the target.

Now to the technical part to wide-open Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II;

Technical Features:

  • The glass-etched reticle of EBR-2C MOA designed with 11 illuminative intensities to keep the subtension always at the final mark.
  • Got loaded with the L-Tec elevation turret system with the locking mechanism to keep the adjustments firmed and not accidentally losing the setting.
  • Being placed with the visual rotative indicator allows the shooters to read the turret settings for their ease.
  • Up to 6x zooming ranges comes with the fast focus eyepiece to adjust the reticle to gain the sharp focus instantly.
  • It is added with Illumination Adjustment and Side Focus Dial on the knobs to provide easiness in locking on the target.
  • All of the lenses designed with the multi-coated XR plus and anti-reflective coatings and being built with APO optical systems to gain the maximum brightness under any time of the day, with the final layer of armor to keep the lenses from getting scratched and not welcoming the oil or dust.
  • The argon-purged with wearing o-ring seals and constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum to not get affected by the water and fog and would last for years without the degradation in performance.

Why go with Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II?

It is the perfect rifle scope for the shooters with the advanced skill of hunting and shooting. Even if you are in the learning phase to become a shooter, that does not mean you cannot have it included in your gear. Of course, that is going to enhance your shooting skill rapidly than any other scope because that is what Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II scope is built!

  • First focal plane for the precise hunting on the long ranges with keeping the EBR-2C MOA reticle zooming as you zoom on the target
  • Long-lasting and ensured durability with being built in one piece with aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Six zooming magnification settings
  • Exceptionally suited for pro shooters/hunters as well as medium-level
  • Soundest scope for the money
  • A little on the expensive side

Bottom Line:

Get set ready yourself once you have it in your gear to be on the next hunting season without missing a single fire, and it is a bet! 🙂

3. Nikon Buckmasters II – Best Nikon Long Range Scope

It comes with the BDC reticle to help the hunters for the ‘hold-on’ to ranges that are usually thought of as the impossible to hit target due to distance.

Let it be any kind of the weather and the time of day, Nikon Buckmasters II does well doing the job.

Technical Features of Nikon Buckmasters II:

  • Having the reticle of BDC style with its see-through ballistic circle takes on the target on long ranges to count every bullet as a successful hit.
  • The multicoated optical covered in the layers of anti-reflective materials used to craft the lenses to keep it bright and emit the light transmission to the optimum level that you would experience during dawn to dusk.
  • Used to make the heavy recoil, the positive-click adjuster for reticle will take your aim zeroed in quickly with that dial to keep your settings intact.
  • Wearing the O-ring seals with the nitrogen-purged glasses keep the Nikon Buckmasters II scope fog and water-proof and ultimate shock-proof performance.

Why go with Nikon Buckmasters II?

It is easy; for long-range, hunting to achieve the best accuracy. Let’s make every shot count!

  • Comes with BDC (bullet drop compensator) with holdover or dead-on reticle to precise shooting at the longer ranges
  • Layered with multiple coatings contributed to craft the optical system
  • Reticle adjuster for quickly achieved the zero in setting!
  • Wrapped with O-ring seals to make it waterproof and fog proof
  • Thick crosshair that not most of the people are used to of

Bottom Line:

For the quality rifle scope and you have a specific budget to spend, Nikon Buckmasters II is going to be your ideal choice due to its higher effectiveness and delivering the best results.

4. Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR – Best Long Range Scope for Under 1000

One-piece built with First Focal Person reticle, and the Bushnell introduces its masterpiece into the world of rifle scopes with the name of Elite Tactical G2DMR.

It is super easy to own the scope, and you can find hundreds of them around the market, BUT what would meet with your requirements, that is the hard part.

So, rest assured, and this Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR is the right extended range scope for you!

Technical Features:

  • The 30 millimeters long and one-piece tube with the argon-purged glasses with having fully multi-coated optics to view the full clarity images and light transmission and loaded with Rain Guard HD to protect it from fog to keep the lenses cleared in any condition.
  • Obtain the magnification levels from 6x to 24x with its 50-millimeter objective lenses to show the scene with the added brightness even reached to the last magnification level. And, the more straightforward and easy to change, the magnification changes with a flick of the finger through its Throwhammer Throw Lever.
  • Make the range adjusted with the best holdover and deal with the windage correction that is made possible with its mil-hashed First Focal Plane (FFP) to lock on the target at any distance.
  • The side is focusing the parallax adjuster that is placed right on the scope for easy adjusting the reticle to gain the accuracy even on the extended ranges.

Why select Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR?

Price is the factor in understanding the quality of the Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR long-range scope, and the expected quality under the price tag is the best feature to like it even more.

  • Full precision and accuracy have done by G2 mil-hashed First Focal Plane reticle
  • Reticle used to analyze the range, windage correction, and holdover, a.k.a., the dead-on to count every shot a hit!
  • Lenses coated with the protective ingredients from getting affected with usual weather conditions
  • 6x to 24x magnification levels
  • Not illuminated

Bottom Line:

Best for the long-range shooting, this Bushnessl Elite Tactical G2DMR is not going to be a missing scope for you to hunt down your favorite animals for your next meal! 🙂

5. Pinty 4-16X40 – AO Mil-Dot Scope

Accurate hit at the long distance for the bullseye, this rifle scope from Pinty would make it all possible for you when you aim to save on the bullets.

Build to enhance your shooting skill, and the added features of Pinty scope will helpt at large.

Technical Features of Pinty:

  • Coming with 40mm of an objective lens and got to be sealed with the nitrogen made it protect it from water and fog and bear the impact of heavy recoil.
  • Adjustable AO scope with the parallax correction to meet with your best shooting accuracy.
  • Dial the turret to magnify the zoom from 4x to 16x along with achromatic eyepiece to improve the clarity of the images.
  • It comes with illuminations of up to three different colors from red, green, and blue to adjust the brightness for making the Mil-Dot reticle more explicit.

Why opt for Pinty?

Illuminative reticle and the 16x magnification levels; these make the perfect long-range scope not to miss a single target.

  • Illuminative reticle to match with blue, red, and green colors
  • Comes with double and heavy-duty ring mounts
  • 16x levels to magnify too-close to the target
  • An AO scope that comes with parallax correction
  • Hand-turning MOA to deal with wind and elevation through zero-in locking
  • A turret may seem little off to use

Bottom Line:

For the average shooting experience on the long ranges, this Pinty scope does a good job but would not exceed the expectations if you have set them up for too high.

6. Athlon Optics – Long Range Scope Under 500

One-piece and the high-grade material used in designing this best quality of rifle scope, this one is the proud production of Athlon Optics.

Its illuminated reticle does the beautiful job of locking on the target and delivering the best power to hit the mark.

Technical Features:

  • Got loaded with First Focal Plane illuminated reticle of APMR-Mil grade for the precision and accurate hits.
  • Its illuminated reticle performs well under certain times of day during dusk and dawn and when the light is low in intensity.
  • It is being designed with an etched-glass reticle to bear all kinds of shocks at the time of recoil.
  • The multicoated optics minimize the reflective lights while increasing the light transmission for best brightness.
  • The high-grade aluminum used to design this one-piece tube from one end to another.
  • Argon-purged glasses to keep the moistures out of the tube for making it waterproof and with clear to view without fading the lenses.

Why select the Athlon Optics rifle scope?

The price might be a contributing factor, but that is not what the Athlon Optics rifle scope is best known for but the result. And they speak well if you happen to read the technical features with care.

  • Argon-purged glasses and one-long tube to keep it water and mist proof
  • It comes with the illuminated APMR-Mil reticle to view the objects under any condition.
  • Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum for its longevity
  • First Focal Plane to attain the best accuracy
  • Get the magnification levels from 6x to 24x
  • Does not hold to the zero

Bottom Line:

There are many factors to like Athlon Optics, and one is the precise and accurate shooting on the target at the far distance, and you can take that down easily using this Athlon Optics rifle scope.

7. CVLIFE – Long Range Scope on a Budget

Our last pick in the queue of best long range scope comes from CVLIFE.

Picked up with the best features to call the long-range scope, this one would not regret you due to the significant and dominant factor of being the low-ranged in price.

Technical Features of CVLIFE rifle scope:

  • The fully coated optical glasses for the brighter and high-quality images to not lose the target in any condition.
  • The locking turret with the adjustment knows to lock the knob where it would rotate further even on the high impacting recoil.
  • By pulling the knobs to adjust the windage and elevation to match with the shooting needs.
  • It comes with a red and green reticle with illuminative design to perform at the highest level under any lighting conditions.
  • With the ocular lens being built with the dioptric adjustable lens to view the images without the degradation.
  • Sunshade to prevent the glare that usually caused by direct sunlight and can drive you off from the target.

Why go for CVLIFE rifle scope?

Sleek and straightforward CVLIFE rifle scope to get the job well done. Under the price tag and the tube’s built, this durable scope from CVLIFE is the simple hunting tool to kill down the targets!

  • Built with high-grade aluminum
  • Illuminative reticle to see through the targets in low lighting conditions
  • Packaged with sunshade and scope mounts
  • Knob to lock down to the zero for brilliant accuracy
  • Reported to have the tight focus and parallax adjusters that are somewhat difficult to turn

Bottom Line:

The price tag it belongs to, CVLIFE scope is made for delivering the superb results to hunt your favorite animals from the long-range!

Conclusion of the best long range scope

Unfortunately, we cannot tell the exact and individual long-range scope that is real ‘best’ of the best.

It is up to you as to what kind of expectations and requirements you have set with the scope to deliver you with the required results.

The long-range scopes are indeed the come with different reticles for the professions to entry-level of hunters and shooters, and our 7 best long range scopes have a mix of them.

Our listed long-range scopes are different in the price, and hence from the features, too.

From the expensive to the affordable, we have all of them covered and presented to you for your easiness to just look at the details and decide which one is going to make a place in your gears for the next hunting season.

Our top three picks!

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR = Best of the long range scope with First Focal Plane reticle
Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II = Best fully-featured long range scope
CVLIFE = Best cheap long range scope

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