Best Scope For 308 – Top 10 Reviews 2021

Well, here we come again with exploring the best scope for 308 rifles, the widely-popular rifle category across the world. Not that it is famous for its compact size, but it got one secret thing as well. So first, tell us if you to name the king of cartridges, you might end up googling for it.

But being an avid hunter and love the different ranges of the sniper who possess an excellent grip over the knowledge, you would have already guessed it right. If not, then no worries because the King of cartridges, that award goes to .308 Winchester! Designed as the rimless with centerfire ammunition to trigger the fire that sheers through the target, this .308 Winchester cartridge has been in use for decades without showing the slight chance of getting diminished off the scene.

Unfortunately, not all of the .308 rifles come with the installed scopes. And this cartridge is only meant to hit the targets-at-distance, then how come a shooter can aim at the target with his bare eyes? Then only the scope is your companion to achieve the accuracy and precision to hit right at the target!

Well, worry NOT, and we are going with the best scope for 308 to have you play the perfect shooting game to double the count of successful shots categorized with different budgets, the bundle of features, and weight to fit on your .308 rifle.

Best Scope for 308 — Updated picks

Best Scope for 308
1. Primary Arms SLX
(Editor’s Choice)
BDC 800
Dead-Hold BDC
Mil-Dot Rangefinder
Fiber Optic Illuminated
Illuminated Mil-Dot

1. Primary Arms SLX – ACSS HUD DMR

This one stylish scope constructed with the sturdy material to get it mounted on .308 rifle to show the world how picky you are. Equipped with the variable magnification levels to get as a minimum of 4x to the maximum of 14x to close in the long-range targets to shoot at the right mark. Comes with the excellent and high-end ACSS HUD DMR reticle with the brilliant set of configurations for the added accuracy in firing .308 cartridges even at the maximum magnification level of 14x to shot the targets at extended long ranges

The specialized reticle loaded with ACSS HUD DMR is popular for correcting your aim given the combinations of few statistical readings to detect and analyze wind leads, ranging, mil-ranging, and BDC system to lock on the target. Though it would sound like the scope designed for professionals, it requires before practice to do good in the field.

And the red partially illuminated red dot and the circle programmed with up to 5 brightness settings to straighten up the aim according to the light and field’s conditions to let it go dark or mild in intensity.

It is perfectly designed in one-tube with a high-grade 6063-aluminum with coated with a matte black finish that keeps it the waterproof when intentionally submerged into deep water and would not build the fog under the tube along with keeps it shockproof to withstand the significant impacts at the time of recoil.

  • ACSS HUD DMR reticle with the red dot and the circle illuminating
  • Layered in a matte black finish
  • Magnification level to get up to 14x
  • May face some issues at the time of recoil

2. Nikon P-Tactical – BDC 800 Reticle

Nikon is best known for its high-quality scopes, and the good thing is, they come with this exclusive Nikon P-Tactical to fit on the .308 rifle to correctly play the long-range shooting. Integrated BDC 800 reticle to shoot down anything out at a distance from 100 to 600 yards through aiming with an open circle to mark the target in sight.

The multi-coated optics heightens the brightness level to increase even if there is the dismal transmission of light to view under the illuminated environment without having you to let your eyes make much of the effort, and everything looks bright and clean. Locking on the target is made super more comfortable by zooming the ranges at a 3x zoom ratio to view the fields with enhanced clarity as well to provide enough details at the highest zooming point to match with your shooting demands.

Made the spring-loaded turrets for windage and elevation knobs to correctly adjust the reticle and optics to lock on the target as you zoom in clearly, and they and can be easily reset to the ‘zero’ after the blurriness and contrast are corrected.

Employed the one-single tube designed with aircraft-grade aluminum and purged with nitrogen and having to wear the O-ring seals to prevent the moisture, water, and fog from letting in the pipe as well as bear the high impacts from the recoil to withstand the shocks even caused by rough use on the field.

  • Good to hit the target up to 800 yards
  • Placed with O-ring seals to make the design shock-proof
  • Proper 12x magnification levels!
  • One-tube design
  • The blurry viewing experience on the last zooming stage

3. Vortex Optics Crossfire II – Best Vortex Scope

Here we have one more piece of .308 scope from Vortex Optics Crossfire II to let you experience the unrelinquishing shooting game to beat down your competitors participating in locking on the cup and getting to enhance your performance with this wider 44mm objective lens to quickly aim at the moving target by not moving the rifle where your target moves.

The easy-to-lock on the aim with the reticle formed of dead-hold BDC is one easier reticle to use without worrying and experimenting with different estimations to get a hold of the target along with the adjustable objective lens being multicoated comes with the enhanced focusing image loaded with second focal plane and removable parallax to downsize the reflections to the minimum level and with increasing the brightness to view the fields out of the objective lens.

Enjoy the long eye relief, and the enough-forgiving eye box helps you to get the picture in sight quickly helps you in acquiring the target while keeping it super shielded from the impacts and accidental bumps that let the rifle come near to your face to hit your eye at the time of recoils accidentally. And the fast-focus eyepiece takes on to swiftly adjust the reticle on the target to clear it from getting blurred. The whole of it ensures the view is just real when seeing through the lens.

Sighted at the target with using the MOA-clicked windage and elevation turrets and conveniently reset to ‘zero’ before taking the shot. And you should rest assured of the construction with the high-quality and aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand all of the bumps and jerks the recoil may produce as well as sealed-in with O-ring seals with nitrogen-purged single tube to deal with getting water spill inside and not to create the fog when out on the field to enjoy scoring the points with unmatched performance.

  • High-end best scope for 308
  • Good 44mm objective lens
  • Resetting turrets for windage and elevation to ‘zero’ in instantly
  • Dead-hold BDC reticle
  • Good 12x level of magnification
  • Not kind of the reticle in place

4. UUQ Tactical – Best Multicoated Lens

Loaded with the variable magnification stages to the minimum of up to 4x level and the tube diameter of 1 inch that comes with the objective standard of 32mm and to the length of 7.75 inches is the perfect fit to deliver the complete shooting experience to hunt down with less than no single shot hitting a miss.

Ranging the weight to mere 8.5 ounces does not make the rifle feel heavy in hand, and the tube construction with aircraft-grade aluminum body provides enough sturdiness to withstand the constant recoils to go shock-resistant and ensures it does not break down even for the years-long use.

The rangefinder reticle to conveniently lock on the target to adjust and match the size of targeted objects at the longer distance to ensure you have enough of the reticle readings to correctly draw an aim at because you cannot quickly get a hold over the targets. And that is done with the top-level convenience by adjusting the turrets for windage and elevation to let the reticle play up the right game!

Being nitrogen-purged and capped with the weather-resistant seals along with multi-coated lense into the blue fused color to transform it to act as the pure water-resistant to let it not producing the fog inside the tube. The whole of the aircraft-grade aluminum constructed the single tube to keep the whole scope to the lower end of weight.

  • Weighs just a little of the non-felt weight
  • Nitrogen purged not to produce the fog
  • Reticle comes from mil-dot
  • Only takes the zooming level to a relatively smaller size to mere 4x

5. TACFUN Aim Sports Tactical – 4x Magnification Scope

The mil-dot reticle holding TACFUN Aim Sports Tactical is the finest of the .308 scope to have you to play the shooting games at the extended distance professionally. Milled into the one-piece body with the solid material of aircraft-grade aluminum to bear the shocks caused by the heavy recoils, and nothing is going to happen to the scope.

Getting purged out of the nitrogen and wearing the O-ring seals around every possible joint to protect it from getting severely affected by inserting the water and building the fog under the tube which may turn out to become a curse for conveniently taking an aim and all of the blurs would destroy the whole shooting experience.

Being a multi-coated objective lens delivers you the perfect viewing experience to downsize the emission of light by enhancing the brightness by viewing the visuals with enough clarity even at the time of dawn and dusk. This decent TACFUN Aim Sports Tactical scope goes well in the performance through the magnification level of up to 4x stage to down the target at a fair distance.

  • One-tube constructed using aluminum
  • Multi-coated objective lens
  • By default, only 4x zooming level to hit the close to mid-ranged targets

6. Leupold VX-3i – Best Leupold Scope

If we can tell what .308 scopes are useful to select, this Leupold VX-3i is ready to take a high jump off the chart. Loaded with the bundle of features the ranges should have, this brilliant piece of lightweight scope would not have you to regret your selection. Coming with the duplex reticle, this assists well in taking the stabilized holdover at your aim to fill up the long-range distance.

The minimum magnification level to well under 3.5x to not let you set the zoom by default because it can easily cover about the distance of 150 yards and the maximum of 10x to see far away in the field, but this may get you worried to expect the underrated lens quality when reaching to the maximum zoom. If that is what you are concerned about, then you are wrong!

Being an ion-assisted-layer coated lens comes with the enhanced light transmission downsize the abrasion caused by the resistance when using the scopes under rough conditions. Adjustment turrets for windage and elevation operated through the ¼ MOA finger clicking to last for long, even used into extreme conditions, and ready to help you out with correcting the reticle for maintaining the accuracy provided to have a winning shot.

Tested for the enhanced quality to withstand the claim of being water-proof by submerging it to the depth of up to 33-feet, and that is not going to let the water insert the tube. And that is not just it, the tested climate exposure to not feel a bit of change in performance with the direct contact to the weather condition of -40F degrees to up to 160F degrees.

  • Good zooming range to take on the target with duplex reticle
  • Waterproof to up to 33-feet
  • Withstands the extreme weather conditions both in winter and summer
  • Proudly produced in the U.S.A.
  • Implemented no HD glass

7. Hauska Tactical Compact – Best Compact Scope for 308

Just having 19 centimeters in length, we are sure to claim it is the widely-compact but the feature-rich scope to significantly enhance your hunting experience coupled with the mil-dot reticle that is easier to learn to take the accurate aim right at your target. This tactical rifle scope best designed for .308 rifles to get as much magnification level as 4x to take down the goals at a fair distance with less chance of missing the bullets.

The multi-coated lens wrapped with the HD+ rain guard transmits the light’s effectiveness to well over 91 percent to work under any weather condition by increasing the brightness and true-to-original of colors to feel like viewing the true-life images out of the lens. Dipped into the fully anodized matte black and having the body constructed into one piece to withstand all of your punishments that you whip at because of the stronger material of aircraft-grade aluminum to keep it operational for years to come.

As it comes with the ¼ MOA adjustment turrets to correct the reticle to fit at the target by adjusting the windage and elevation levels. And not just that, but being the nitrogen-purged, you may expect no weather condition is going to affect the scope getting watered and producing the fog inside the tube. Then… the one-tube design keeps it away from letting the dust inside and doing everything to keep getting scratched even if used in the rough conditions.

  • Mil-dot rangefinder reticle
  • Nitrogen-purged and water-proof design
  • HD+ rain guard
  • Best to be used under any weather conditions
  • Targets the small to mid-sized ranges

8. Trijicon TA31-D – Best Scope for 308

When we have to experience the more-than complete .308 scope, maybe this Trijicon TA31-D is ready to surpass the chart. Filled with every single feature that you can think of, this specific scope is capable of performing by exceeding the limits. Not just the price is high, but it is not done by mistake. Under the price range, this comes with the features that you can hardly get with many other scopes to power up the .308 rifles.

It is designed for taking your hunting experience to the next level loaded with the battery-free illuminated reticle to set the auto-adjustment of brightness according to the weather condition where more light is required to view the images with added clarity.

The forged and high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum material that is famous for its sturdy and strongness, the alloy is useful to view everything with the more significant sighting system — loaded with the ACOG sighting system with CQB with keeping both of the eyes open to correctly make an accurate aim.

The preinstalled M193 ranging reticle takes out the bullet-drop compensation to hit beyond 800 yards before it starts to sail downward with having you not to conduct any settings to set out the mark. So, anything before 800 yards can be targeted with ease.

  • One best and complete scope for .308
  • Goes to surpass the target at 800 yards
  • Battery-free illuminated reticle
  • Little expensive

9. Monstrum Tactical – Best Tactical 308 Scope

Another interesting but the durable scope comes from Monstrum Tactical to get it loaded up on your .308 rifle to go beyond the excitement to feel like going into the field for the first time even if you do not miss any of the hunting seasons and when it is your first attempt to play the hunting season using Monstrum Tactical.

The adjustable stages of setting the magnification to zoom right from 3x level to up to 12x level to easily placed on the target walking up well over the distance of 500 yards or going beyond the mark. And is helped with the adjustable and illuminated high-end mil-dot reticle that comes with 5 different brightness levels to make the reticle feel lean to thick and turning it in red and green colors to making the first aim during the dim lights.

Designed through the high-grade 6061 aluminum body keeps it one super flexible and long-lasting scope to use it even with the high recoils to absorb all the bumps and jerks. With having the adjustable objective lens to sharpen the focus on the target images with eliminating to work up to correct the range estimation and parallax.

  • Designed with an aluminum body to become shock-free
  • Illuminated mil-dot reticle with five integrated brightness levels
  • Causes some glaring issue

10. Bushnell AR Optics – Best Duplex Reticle

And we had intentionally kept this highly-performing scope for 308 to enjoy this features-rich scope to add into your hunting gears to effectively conduct the shootings to take down your favorite hunts. With Bushnell AR Optics, it might be well under the budget due to the price tag, but the real thing about this scope is, it acts as a complete scope that you should NO really miss.

Due to its extensive magnification levels, the highest one that sets to touch well over 18x zooming level to take down anything beyond 500 yards and even more with the added precision — being loaded with BDC reticle to take on your target without any trouble. And the best clarity enjoyed through the optics being multicoated to deliver the adequate of the brightness to see through the views easily.

Designed with the high-grade aluminum alloy and in the piece of the single tube got the anodized finish as well as seals in place to protect the container getting watered in and producing the layer of fogs that may hinder the performance to the greater extent.

  • Quickly hit the target well and beyond 500 yards distance
  • Comes with BDC reticle
  • Used the high-quality aluminum to construct this one-tube scope
  • Up to 18x zooming levels
  • No HD rain guard


Worry NOT because these 10 best scopes for 308 are going to fix the issue to what sort of the range you should make part of your hunting gears.

Being detailed out to a high level, you can quickly get an idea to find the best one out of the list to suit yourself.

So, do not waste any time and get one of your best scope to take along with you on the next hunting program! 🙂