Best Scopes for M1A – Top 10 Reviews 2020

As you would be sure, we are to help out the gunners and hunters with finding the best scope for m1a. But wait a minute, hearing or reading the word “M1A”, or “m1a” should instantly pop up a thought in mind, and it leads to visualizing the image of a gun deep down in everyone’s mind. Even though m1a rifles are pretty popular amongst the hunters and the shooters trying to win out the competitions with the high-level of precise accuracy but still, why take a chance?

Best Scope for M1AAnd the only solution to guarantee the high level of accuracy by mounting the scope on your m1a rifle. For the brief history, originated in the U.S.A. and manufactured by Springfield Armory, Inc. in the year 1974, this glued the name of “Springfield m1a rifle” and is categorized as the semi-automatic sniper rifle famous in the circle of hunters. Compatible with loading up the cartridges of widely-known .308 Winchesters as well as 6.5mm Creedmoor.

It looks to be just an average rifle by style, but it really is not. Though it can get used to taking down the targets at a fair distance without needing the scope, but when you are out in the field, you cannot guarantee the hunts should be walking near to you, and you cannot even force yourself to close the distance by merely crawling and doing everything to come super closer.

Then you can understand why the hunters do need the scope to place on their m1a rifle. Without it and in the open field, expect a significant amount of mishits.

Best Scope for M1A – The Updated Picks of 2020!

Best Scope for m1a
Magnification plus Objective Lens
Reticle Type
1. Burris 200261
(Editor’s Choice)
Ballistic Plex
AOE Illuminated Red & Green Mil-Dot
FireDot Duplex
Bright Red Dot
Illuminated Mil-Dot
BDC Reticle
Illuminated MOAR

1. Burris – Ballistic Plex Reticle

For the high performance and you got a reasonable budget to invest, then this Burris scope for your m1a is read to exceed its return to the hundred times better. Constructed with sturdy and commercial-grade steel, you can judge its durability to have it lasted for years and doing more-than perfect every time in the field.

It comes with the magnification levels to select from the minimum of 2x to the maximum of 7x along with the multi-coated lens being nitrogen-purged wearing the O-ring seals as they protect the scope from letting water spill inside the tube and keeping it fog-proof as well.

The sturdy and aircraft-grade aluminum used to construct the design in one single piece of tube that absorbs all of the extreme bumps and jerks triggered at the time of recoil. Loaded with the adjustment turrets to maintain the elevation and windage to rectify the reticle at different magnification levels shredding all the blurs.

  • Up to 7x of maximum magnification levels allowed
  • Steel-built adjustment turrets
  • Super compliant to absorb the jerks
  • Ballistic Plex reticle
  • Reticle placed NOT on the center

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II – V Plex Reticle

This extreme hunting scope for the m1a rifle has more significant magnification stages with an excellent objective lens to gain an accurate aim at your target without any problem. The bigger 32mm objective lens allows you to easily view the broader field without having to move the scope even at the highest end of the magnification level, and that being said it got the minimum zoom of default 2x scale without adjusting anything to clearly view the target moving at about 50 to 100 yards.

And the maximum zooming level to reach 7x along with V-plex reticle placed with the second focal plane, but thankfully the fast focus eyepiece should let you quickly set the reticle at the target with adjustment of windage and elevation using the adjustable turrets to zero insight. 

The combined adjustable turrets steer you through to conveniently set the target with a V-Plex reticle that does not come with fancy readings. Still, the straight and easy-to-reference drawn lines keep it simple to hold over the goal at a fair distance.

Feel super lightweight in your grip as it got constructed with the super-light material of aircraft-grade of aluminum and to keep it in the one-single tube to ensure its durability against many impacts (especially the heavy recoils that can vibrate the whole of you.)

  • Great for the hold-over
  • Good 7x magnification levels
  • V-Plex shaped reticle
  • Does not work in dark conditions

3. CVLIFE Hunting – Best Long Range Scope

We believe you would trust your eyes once you make your eyes contact with the design of scope and would start to get curious knowing the price with the hunch it would be at least hitting the higher fold of 3-digits dollars. Yes, the design is just awe! But the price will take your heart out.

This affordable but extremely professional designed scope, and we are talking about CVLIFE Hunting, to outperform many of the ranges out in the market through the features-list it got. And if we could not mention them one by one, what good would it do then? That is the one best scope for m1a that we like the most.

Got loaded with the extreme magnification levels to hit 24x as the highest of a zoom that it can take you to shoot conveniently at the long-distance of about 1,000 yards. And coupled with the AOE red and green illuminated reticle featured with five different intensity settings to brighten up the red and green colors, is fair enough to lock on the target with adequate readings with downsizing the chance of missing the shot.

Expect the field of view at the fair distance of 28 feet on the first 100 yards, and the field of view would significantly minimize the size as you magnify the zooming levels. The more you close the magnification level, the little of the field view you should get to see out of the objective lens of suitable 50mm.

  • Highly budget-oriented scope
  • Red and green illuminated reticle
  • Maximum of 24x magnification settings


  • Blurs out the reticle on extended ranges

4. Leupold VX-R – Best 5x Scope

Good to see Leupold VX-R is covering this scope category to make the m1a rifles to do pretty good at the field to top the chart. It comes with the main tube lengthening it to up to 30mm to mount at the rifle without exceeding the size correctly. The reticle from illuminated fire dot duplex is sleek and easy to hold at the target with having no fancy and unnecessary readings and dots that you do not need.

Constructed through 6061-T6 and high-grade aluminum to make sure it does not break any time sooner (or maybe never) with the standard concept of keeping it super lightweight to not further add the weight upon the rifle.

The finger-click adjustment turrets to correct the reticle to lock on the target with matching the configuration of different magnification stages. And that is being said, the highest of the zoom level goes to up to 5x to seamlessly make an aim at your target with relatively mid-range distance.

Designed to craft this excellent and high-quality scope from Leupold is ready to act as waterproof and fog proof to withstand the harsh usage conditions to experience the ultimate performance every time you mount it up on your rifle.

  • FireDot Duplex
  • Finger-clicking adjustment turrets
  • High-quality aluminum used to construct the whole tube
  • Not a good battery and you would have to replace it on the day one after you purchase it

5. Vortex Optics Strikefire II – Illuminated Dot Scope

Do not get worried about the size, but this Vortex Optics Strikefire II is the ultimate precision scope to enhance your hunting skill with something advanced and compact to feel like taking part in the tactical session.

The solid red and green dot come with the rugged dot sight to enjoy the enhanced accuracy with having to brighten up the dot’s intensity changing to 10 different levels to meet with the environmental conditions, even it helps to assist in taking down the targets at dark.

The multi-coated lens provides you with more transparent and brighter images and keeping it unobscured to the maximum level feels like the real-life viewing experience. The comfortable eye relief with the greater eye focus is best used to sight in on the target with the warm and easy-to-adjust the elevation as well as dialing the windage to their maximum of 100 MOA counts that assist in correcting the reticle matching with every zooming level swiftly.

Built as the single chassis by meeting the standards of keeping it super compact and ultra-lightweight to carry along the m1a rifle where you would not have to notice any of the extra weight, so use the gun on-air or by placing on the mat and it would feel the same in weight.

  • Red and green illuminated dot sight
  • 100 MOA adjustments for both team to match and correct elevation and windage
  • Waterproof and fog-proof!
  • Lightweight design
  • May face blurry on extreme brightness of the reticle

6. Monstrum – 32mm Scope

Their prices do not define some of the great things, but their features are. To judge the performance, Monstrum is the high-end of the scope to cross every single limit by providing adequate performance to top the chart. The excellent hunting is done with this Monstrum scope using the high level of 9x magnification level to hit the targets at the far distance of up to 800 yards with no problem.

The great of the 32mm objective lens and the generous eye relief of 3.8 inches ready you to comfortably aim at the target with the fast focusing mechanism. And the rangefinder reticle makes it the high profile scope, but it would require you to practice aiming for a few days, and once you do, you are not going to miss a single shot to blast the target.

And to further detail the rangefinder reticle, which is popular enough amongst the professional hunters for taking aim at the longer distance through its extreme magnification level of 9x to hit the targets well over 800 yards using enough of the readings to the excellent lock on!

Equipped with the throw lever to just press it up and see the magnification quickly setting to its minimum level to get it to set back without manually lowering in the zoom levels. Layered the lens with the multiple coats to have it protected from getting scratched and building the fog inside the glass to keep it delivering the crystal clear images as well the being nitrogen-purged for the waterproof and fog-proof performance under the extreme weather conditions.

  • Rangefinder reticle
  • Best for 800 yards game
  • 9x zooming level 
  • Highly affordable scope
  • High-end magnification levels may cause issues with the reticles

7. Primary Arms Classic Series – Best 16x Scope

Another up to par and the performing scope for m1a rifle is going to be Primary Arms Classic Series to take along with you on the field. Rich with the features starting from the illuminated mil-dot reticle comes with the aiming at the short or long-range by merely switching the modes.

Integrated with the design of working as the second focal plane where the reticle would not change for an inch, no matter what magnification level you get to set. And the variable magnification levels from the minimum of 4x to up to the maximum of 16x to take on comparatively the long-distance targets.

The red partially illuminated reticle is powered by the battery of CR2032, where you can select from 12 different brightness modes to make the reticle become thick to thin, depending upon the situation you found yourself stuck. Let the dark prevailing and even the direct sunshine affecting your viewing experience with naked eyes, but the illuminated reticle would do wonders for you.

Having designed with keeping the tube too long to up to 30mm in length and with enough generous eye relief to protect your eyes from the possible impacts with coming into direct contact during the recoil time.

There is so much to like the Primary Arms Classic Series, the one best of the m1a scope to try out with having it mounted on the rifle and enjoy the extended hunting to play your best shots like a professional.

  • Illuminated mil-dot reticle with 12 brightness settings 
  • Good 16x magnification levels
  • Best for water and fog-proof performance
  • Adjust resolution every range

8. Hi-Lux Optics – BDC Reticle Scope

This BDC reticle-loaded scope from Hi-Lux Optics is indeed high in the luxury to make you conceive the high-ticket range loaded on your shiny and robust m1a rifle to do hunting with enough professionality. Inspire the hunters to inquire about what sort of the range you got and feel yourself getting the adequate 

Got enough of the eye relief to up to 13 degrees with the objective lens being multi-coated to add extended protection to keep it waterproof and the fog-proof, which can drastically degrade the performance. 

The sleek and straightforward BDC reticle with the windage and elevation adjustment turrets, the combination of these features would assist you to carefully set the reticle at the target and adjust accordingly to the magnification levels. And by the magnification, Hi-Lux Optics come with a minimum of 2x zoom level without setting in any of the adjustments while the maximum of 7x zooms level to give you enough power to place on the target moving at the fair distance from you.

The main tube of mere one inches being designed with the aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure that it is not going to break anytime sooner as well as bear and absorb all of the jerks and bumps that this may produce at the time of heavy recoil.

There is no reason to dislike Hi-Lux Optics, and the guarantee is offered to have trust in this scope as it comes with the lifetime warranty to serve you against the common defects it may come across.

  • The sturdy looking scope comes with long eye relief
  • Up to 7x magnification levels
  • BDC reticle
  • The reticle shakes at the time of recoil

9. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn – Best Budget Scope for m1a

Maybe the search concludes for you right here as this Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn is the best of the scopes out there in the market. The thoughtful design under the single tube has 100 percent of the high-quality materials used to construct the range with the aluminum for the unmatched lightweight.

It comes with the qualified optics added with the stunning HD clarity and the objective lens going to be well over 40mm in size to generously see through the fields. And the largest scale of the magnifications tops the chart of up to 9x, which ensures you have your target locked on despite the size.

The multicoated lenses not just bring you the precise results but would also protect it using the protective layers to keep it waterproof and fog-prof with being nitrogen purge to withstand the jerks produced at the time of more massive recoil.

  • 40mm objective lens coated with multiple layers of glass
  • One-piece tube composed of aluminum material
  • Works as water and fog-proof
  • Generous eye relief with 40mm wide objective lens for the enhanced field of view experience
  • May cause the hazy view at the last magnification levels

10. Nightforce Optics – MOAR Reticle

Simple and elegant, and this is what Nightforce Optics brings to us. Despite looking the simpler of scope but move your eyes to the pricing area, that is more than enough to stun you.

And yes, despite the price being relatively high but it comes with every single feature that you can think of to beat down much of the competition instantly. It comes with the 100 MOA adjustments to be placed internally to easily set through the changes without the need to fiddle later on. 

The highly-sensitive but sturdy optical already tested for the more than best performance, and provide you with clear images that you feel like seeing in their original form. The illuminated MOAR reticle would require a bit of practice before taking the winning shot, and this Nightforce Optics does the same! Composed with the aircraft-grade aluminum that you know to keep the weight of scope a little thinner than many of the ranges.

Extreme magnification to hunt at the extremely wide zooming to up to 22x to make sure you can pinpoint anything in the range of 1000 yards and more.

  • High-end m1a scope for way long-range shooting
  • Brilliant 22x magnification level to top almost all of the guns in the world
  • Constructed with high-grade aluminum material
  • A little bit of expensive scope


That is entirely known by NOW the m1a rifle is not going to do anything without having the scope mounted.

And, we have brought up the 10 tremendous and best scope for m1a. From budget to list of features, these all come with the absolute and advanced convenience to actively take part in the hunting and winning it, though!

So, let’s wait no more AND get any of these m1a scopes for you!