Best Spinning Reel for Bass – Top 10 Reviews 2020

Yes, the spinning reels are definitely good at catching the real hard fish species of any kinds, but if you have been specifically looking for the best spinning reel for bass of fresh or saltwater to earn your body the protein and the vitamins due to its being low in richness for the calories.

To generally and specifically, look up for the world-class spinning reel only AND only for hooking the bass, that is for sure going to be a headache for anyone going into the market and asking for; “I need a spinning reel just for catching bass?” 

Once you ask these questions and in the wake of my experience, you would be answered with let’s try this and that spinning reel recommended for fresh and the saltwater and would be able to hook bass and other fish species.

And again, what about being only bass-specific? Expect NO ANSWER…

Do NOT take the pro-bass-anglers are prone to pick their right kind of the spinning reel in no time. The thing (the real one) is that it hits to be the hardest of the task to spot and pick the bass-specific spinning reel for sure.

For YOU and just for YOU, we listed up not only one but ten of them to bring the peace in your life so that you go out and fish your favorite species, which of course, is BASS. 🙂

List of the best spinning reel for bass — Updated picks for 2020!

Best Spinning Reel for Bass
Ball Bearing Counts
Drag Power
Gearing Ratio
KastKing Summer Centron 3000
9 + 1
17.0 lbs
Daiwa 6000
13 + 1
66.0 lbs
KastKing Sharky III 3000
10 + 1
39.5 lbs
One Bass DL1000
12 + 1
39.5 lbs
KastKing Megatron 3000
7 + 1
30.0 lbs
Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500
20.0 lbs
Pflueger Supreme XT SUPXTSP25x
20.0 lbs
Piscifun Flame Honor XT 2000  
9 + 1
19.8 lbs
Pfleuger President PressP30X
30.0 lbs
Akataka 3000
10 + 1
29.5 lbs

1. KastKing Summer Centron 3000

Believe it or NOT, but there would NOT be any of the listings, any of the recommendations, and any of the searches get complete by NOT having KastKing seeping into being the part of everything when your primary concern is to look out for the fishing reels regardless of the types.

If you do not see them from the physical market, we are talking about the scenario you would generally face online.

KastKing has covered all sorts of the fishing reels, and with the ones that are outclassed in the features to make them your most-loved brand!

Made with the super-lightweight material * what’s that?* of aluminum plus graphite that is actually KNOWN for what, of course, the lightweight thing!! 🙂

NOW and to further burst in detail, the frame crafted with the purest form of the narrow graphite along with a computerized balancing system that ensures the highest performance to deliver out of this compact spinning reel.

Fastened with up to nine of the quality ball bearings and having one instant stop one-way and anti-reverse bearing that unfolds the topnotch and terrific smoothened performance to go on and on with retrieving the catches coming in and out without getting stuck and turned heated.

The potent Super Drag System comes to offer the prodigious 17 lbs of stopping power perfected with having a hardened metal main shaft, meshed drive gear, and the precision machined-pinion gear to call off the fight in no time.

  • Highly affordable
  • Ultra-smooth operation
  • Finest combo of color
  • Starts corroding soon

2. Daiwa 6000

For the lowest end of the price and providing the immersive experience to the anglers to take the enjoyment to the level that has never been experienced at all, Daiwa 6000 spinning reel goes to be the perfect fit for fishing tasteful bass out of fresh and saltwater.

Given the fact you would be visiting salt and freshwater for fishing, the real issue you would have to face is to own two different spinning reels as neither of them would be able to go into the water, which could damage the mechanism.

Goodly to have Daiwa 6000 to cope with such an issue, made exclusively with the metal body that is hardened enough to bear all the wear and tear and the fight that the bass is known for putting up all the time hardly gets it bent.

The finest gearing ratio of 4.7:1 having the mighty and never-experienced maximum drag power of over 66 lbs or 30KGs can fight off not just bass but can even hook up a small-sized shark to retrieve conveniently out of water.

Varied by the drag power when cast the line on different ranges ensuring you are ought to enjoy the maximum capacity to drag out your favorite catch (bass) no matter how far the line has been cast.

Alloy body made of the aluminum spool, and the handle that comes with the exceptional durability and the aluminum alloy bracket that would never fracture even to hook the bigger fresh and saltwater game fish of any size and weight.

Loaded with interchangeable computerized-numerical control machined aluminum handle that goes from left to right without an issue and having an excellent line laying oscillation system that takes up the line in its finest condition without mingling it.

Got over 14 sealed stainless steel containing one instant anti-reverse bearing that does not let you sacrifice the level of smoothness EVER.

  • Metal-made body
  • Entitled for one-year replacement warranty
  • A little heavy

3. KastKing Sharky III 3000

Powerful yet beautifully designed, KastKing Sharky III 3000 has a most-loved style by the world’s anglers. 

That is the one core factor to love it more than its performance. And to count the performance, it comes loaded with the next generation of land to the toughest trophy fish of the season, whether fresh or saltwater to fish.

Equipped with the mighty drag power of more than 39.5 lbs or 18KGs that makes it super smooth using the disc carbon fiber drag seated along oversized stainless steel main shaft and enough stronger precision meshed manganese brass pinion gears that never let the reel to stuck during the casting and retrieval.

Endorsed with the highly-efficient K.I.S.S. technology naming KastKing Intrusion Shield System, which keeps the spool, body, and rotor sealed to protect it from getting watered which assists in keeping the dirt and water out which may lead to putting the reel out of order after a while. The more you try to clean it, the little particles, especially from the dirt, could ruin the whole of it.

Smoothened as silky, it comes with the Shark Fin Braid Ready aluminum spool’s unique kind, which increases its lifeline and allows you to back the line on the spool.

Highly innovative as it features 10 + 1 high-quality and saltwater-rated double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings along with a single instant lock anti-reverse made with the stainless steel never to let the line go back into the water. And the aluminum handle adds in more line capacity to cast farther than the average distance, even if the fish drags it deep into the water, and you do not need to be worried about running out of line.

  • Comes right from the reputed spinning reel brand
  • Affordable to the best
  • Aluminum made with ball bearings of stainless steel
  • Foot made of plastic that sits with a rod.

4. One Bass DL1000

New in the line, the specific bass-related spinning reel comes from One Bass DL1000 with the finest mechanism involved to build its whole against the price that is quite unbeatable even by the newer brands.

Rated for saltwater and fresh, the whole aluminum alloy construction involves keeping the design of this spinning reel to super lightweight that ensures you do not have to feely any weight attached to your hand, giving you the perfect edge of casting farther and longer without an issue.

Smooth to operate, One Bass DL1000 comes with up to 12 ball bearings and one instant anti-reverse bearing. The machined-aluminum spool does not let the line prevent slippage and housing the carbon fiber drag system delivers the consistent pressure to deal with happiness. 

What is more surprising here is the ergonomic EVA handle knob that further reduces the weight to a greater extent.

Lightweight at best, the hollow frame with the computerized balancing system that ensures the higher performance with keeping the lightweight designs to fish without feeling any weight that works best for experienced and the beginner anglers of all levels.

Magnesium frame further adds to the lightweight while keeping it strong enough to deal and cope with the fight the catches often provide without breaking and cracking it from any sides.

The anti-twist line roller converts the line not to get it twisted and tangled, and it winds up straight professionally to have it ready to cast the line next time without an issue.

  • Best affordable spinning reel for bass
  • Rated for salt and freshwater
  • 12+1 ball bearings
  • No bait runner included

5. KastKing Megatron 3000

On number fifth in the best spinning reel for bass, we got the super-sophisticated and the high-end spinning reel just for catching the bass of any weight AND any sizes coming right from KastKing Megatron 3000; the known brand resembles as the Transformer’s iconic character ‘Megatron,’ the righteousness which steered the whole Hollywood robotic movie to pierce through the hearts of its audience.

Compatible to go into salt and fresh water, it is engineered with a geometrical and bionic design built with rugged principles and the unique optics that actually deserves a real special place in your fishing gears to tackle all of its arsenals.

Ensured for the maximum performance to experience the pro-level of quality gears to win almost all the tournament-grade catches even in the fresh and saltwater just like a pro. Well, it is not really about the skill-level the angler has to deal with but the right type of the spinning reel, which would significantly impact the performance to catch even the bigger fish.

Comes with persuasive drag power of well over 30 lbs to sustain the stopping power to make even the bigger fish hold without a single percent of the chance of losing it at all no matter how hard the catch tries to escape.

Made to deliver the rigidity and the smoothness required to have the reel to tackle through the rough conditions as it features the CNC-machined 76061 of aerospace aluminum-based alloy spool and the robot-inspired aluminum handles give the nicest feel during the winding up the line.

Triple-disc carbon fiber drag system seated with 7 + 1 MaxiDur double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings combine the feature to cope with the frigid performance that never leaves you to face the hesitation and embarrassment to in retrieving without getting stuck in the middle of it and having you NOT to worry about washing it the seconds it is out from the saltwater increasing its lifetime plus the performance beyond the folds.

  • Finest design
  • Rigid aluminum frame
  • Pro and qualitative gearing ratio
  • Somewhat heavy

6. Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500

The branded, reputable, and the outperforming kind of the spinning reels are tagged relatively higher in the price than the most, which do seem like out of affordable to many, but when it comes to counting the countless features they hold and lasting for years without ever needing to replace them, why not make the good bet?

And, we are explicitly talking about Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500, keeping up with this scenario!

Incorporated with the Shimano’s own flagship hagane gearing system and the hagane body that delivers the ever-lasting, durable, and firm performance and smoothness that is never experienced, providing the anglers to taste the real power with the strength for inshore and offshore actions.

The built-in Dyna-balanced rotor with the fluid drive II system followed along the Shimano’s propulsion line management system comes with offering the unprecedented smoothness and the casting capabilities without mitigating the line management issues to get tangled and twisted.

Having the maximum drag force of up to 20 lbs and having the gearing ratio of 6.0:1 along with 6 stainless steel bearings and one anti-reverse bearing to have you adequately deal with the force the catches tend to give and get felt by the line.

  • Reel with a front drag system
  • Aluminum design
  • A little pricey

7. Pflueger Supreme XT SUPXTSP25x

Fairest of the spinning reel ready to go into the water and catch you some tasty and the oversized bass fish with style.

Yes, the style and the design that completes the build of Pflueger Supreme XT SUPXTSP25x that is combined with the color combination of multicolor along with gold to give a luxurious look to the onlookers and the fellow anglers.

Make the frame with the feather-light magnesium that ensures it contains the best smoothness, reliability, and performance to have it ready to cast the line all the time without a second thought.

Comes with sealed carbon washers exert the powerful drag, making it to remain smooth well under pressure never to degrade the performance.

And having over 10 of stainless steel ball bearings equipped with SMARTretrieve technology that would hardly make it to get stuck during the casting and retrieval and every turn ensures it does not lose its power EVER.

Got the braid-ready spool that lets the line tied directly to the spool and the slower oscillation gearing along with the lightweight carbon-made handle and having the EVA knobs combined to offer the smooth and the comfortable cranking to retrieve and cast the line effortlessly without any issue to face.

  • High-end constructed spinning reel for bass
  • Carbon handle that goes 21 percent lighter than the aluminum
  • Just for right-hand anglers

8. Piscifun Flame Honor XT 2000

Meticulous appearance with the polished body wrapped with matte black and paired with the red-colored aluminum spool perfectly resembles its name ‘Flare.’

Made with the whole of this spinning reel of Piscifun Flame Honor XT 2000 that comes with a hollow body and the x-shaped spool seated with the personalized handle to justify well with the price it tagged with.

Lightweight to the best, not only the hollow body contributes to it but made with the relatively narrowed hollow graphite body and the lightweight reel gears take it to weigh just around 8.5oz to take along and do every fishing session summed up reliably with catching what you expected out of ’em.

Known for the pure power, it loads up with the incredible drag power of more than 19.8 lbs engineered with the reinforced metal main shaft and the high-quality of the drive gear and having precisely-machined brass pinion gear along with tripe drag washers to call off the real fight and catch your giants taken out of water conveniently.

The braid-ready spool that is actually one kind of the unique feature only the high-end and the expensive spinning reels do hold, and with Piscifun, you are ought to receive the high-classed parts in more cost-effective manners to add in your fishing gears with pride.

  • Graphite-made frame and the rotor
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Smoothened to an incredible level
  • Plastic-made cap

9. Pfleuger President PressP30X

Smooth as silk, Pfleuger President PressP30X holds over the finest setup of the ball bearing over 10 of them made with the hardened and corrosion-resistant stainless steel to take all the heat and can smoothly rub through each other without breaking and cracking them.

The rotor and the body made of the graphite known to be lightweight construction never feel any weight holding in your hands. Along with the braid-ready spool that gets the braid to be tied directly with the spool that tells when the line is going to get finished and when you need to stop further casting.

And having the sealed drag system and the drag washers always lubricated to keep running it smoothly and the slow oscillation gearing which improvises the line laying that minimizes the line to get twisted.

Gearing ratio with 5.2:1 proves well of the slow oscillation to finely retrieve the catch of any weight, which does not give you the tough time to drag ’em out of the water slowly, but every turn would be worth it.

  • Made the rotor and body with graphite
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Braid-ready spool
  • Causes a little noise when operational

10. Akataka 3000

And here comes our winner that reserves the last entry from our extensive list of 10 best spinning reel for bass, and that is one of the new brands which only a few of the anglers would have known about.

Durable and known to be powerful, Akataka 3000 offers with highly-efficient triple disc carbon fiber drag comes to provide the drag power of 29.5 lbs coupled with a hardened main shaft that allows delivering the fantastic fishing experience; to just say a big ‘wow!’

It is fitted with 10 + 1 ball bearings crafted with stainless steel and lubricated along with one instant anti-reverse roller bearing, providing the smoothened operation that offers the effortless retrieval experience.

Well-built with keeping it super lightweight has the compact body with the rotor and attached with the high-strengthened aluminum handle to cast for extra-long distance.

Pearl white body paired with the glossy, matte aluminum spool that resembles the modern look while keeping the reel to remain ultralight at the weight.

  • CNC-aluminum spool
  • Works best in salt and freshwater
  • Interchangeable handle
  • Un-sealed bearings need to be wiped off the water after every fishing session.


Finally, we come to the conclusion zone to bid valediction as we collected after extensive search and research, the top 10 best spinning reel for bass.

Collectively combined with the outperforming features, these spinning reels are to catch your best bass to get served in your dinner.

Now, fish with confidence and challenge your fellow anglers with how much bass you aim to catch for today! 

Get one that hits closer to your interest and enjoy your next fishing trip to the best! 🙂