Best Spinning Reel Under $50 – Top 10 Reviews 2020

We believe in giving importance to your hard-earned money by not wasting on the fishing gears, and that is why we have the list of 10 best spinning reel under 50 as we find $50 a reasonable budget.

As crucial as possible, you either employ the fishing experience as the hobby to test or take it as a full-fledged pro-level of skill that is actually and no less than a challenging part to choose the right one. 

The spinning reels are generally comfortable to use, and they are, of course, within your budget. And aiming to purchase the high-quality spinning reel against the lower price, you have then landed in the right place to find your best match.

Generally, the fishing reels are comparatively expensive in all of the fishing gears. But with the budget mark of $50, worry no more of sacrificing the performance that takes up the newbie to the professional anglers to have the best of their fishing to play like you got the expensive reel right in your hands.

To us, when you can find the brilliant quality of the fishing reel by spending not a fortune, why still go with the ones that cost a lot? 

Get ready AND excited to be known with the best spinning reels under the $ 50’s mark to enjoy every bit of being close to the water to fish.

List of the best spinning reel under 50 — Updated picks for 2020!

Best Spinning Reel under 100
Ball Bearings
Gearing Ratio
Drag Power
(Editor’s Choice)
19.8 lbs
17.5 lbs
17.5 lbs
18.0 lbs
15 lbs
33 lbs
19.8 lbs
17.5 lbs
33 lbs
33 lbs

1. Piscifun Flame 3000

Under the $ 50’s mark, we bring Piscifun Flame 3000 as being on the top of the list that brings up the series of features to have the fishing just like a pro!

Starting with the exquisite appearance, that is the one blow to decide you need Piscifun Flame 3000 to be on your hands as it comes with the body painted with matte-black and paired with the red aluminum spool combines it all to give the resemblance as Flame.

The hollow body and the X-shaped spool for the personalized handling of the spinning reel providing the modern look that seems impossible to be tagged under the $ 50’s mark.

Super lightweight as it weighs around 8.5oz that entitles its body to be made with the hollow graphite material that makes it one core ingredient of the fishing gears to entrust.

Smooth like a cotton ball to dilute, it is come loaded with nine high-quality ball bearings and one roller bearing that plays with the precision gearing to fine-tune the engagement to retrieve and cast the line in all buttery experience.

Open to face the robust fishes to drag out, the spinning reel offers the incredible drag power well over 19.8 lbs combined with the reinforced metal main shaft and the drive gear along with the machined brass pinion gear and the triple drag washers complete the whole of its design to seamlessly fight with the giant fishes without hitting a single problem.

Braided-ready spool stops the line from slippage where it would not cut down itself after the line is entirely in the water, keeping you safe from losing the line all of a sudden.

  • Colored like Flame
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Crisp click sound
  • A bit heavy in weight

2. KastKing Summer Centron 3000

Being an avid angler and NOT knowing about the KastKing brand, you do not know anything about fishing at all.

Believe it or not, and mostly picking the fishing reels out of the market (particularly on the internet), the name ‘KastKing’ does not flip away out of sight for once.

And with KastKing Summer Centron 3000 has all the lovable ingredients, never to dislike the performance and the design.

Valued for the best, the series of the features yet affordably lower in price, this spinning reel transforms the newly-trying anglers to act like an established and professional angler to beat down most on the shore.

Made exclusively lightweight, constructed with the narrow graphite frame designed and crafted with the computerized balancing system to ensure it never loses in the performance being compact to hold.

Highly-powered that brings the Superior Drag System that offers the stopping power to up to 17.5 lbs coupled with the hardened metal main shaft, and the meshed driver gear backed by precision-machined pinion gear that never bends the reel while beating the heavier fish to put off the hard fight.

Seated with nine qualitative ball bearings and instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearings to feel like rotating the handle through butter where it would not back the line even if the handle is entirely free and the fish jerks to come off the hook.

Perfected for ice fishing, the black, and blue color combination resembles precisely designed ice fishing. Have a look at this reel, and that wins your interest! 🙂

  • Enclosed with Superior Drag System
  • Perfectly the best spinning reel for ice fishing
  • Undersized main gear

3. Plusinno PL4000

Newer in the line, few of the newly-entered brands craft up some of the finest spinning reels but hardly attract the buyers.

Why? Well, just because of being new and there is a general customer misconception, they trust the established brands given the fact that they set the price, and the people would not find anything to complain about.

On its contrary, why not try something new to test how they perform? As with Plusinno PL4000, we assure you the world-class performance to quickly hook the heavier fish without an issue.

Featured with all necessary and the core mechanisms applied on this Plusinno PL4000 that transforms it to be giving stiff competition to the established and known spinning reels found around the market.

Got over nine quality ball bearings made with the hardened and reliable stainless steel and one instant stop one-way and anti-reverse bearing, which does not let the line go back into the water despite how hard the catch tries to force.

Crafted the ball bearings mechanism to reduce the noise and keep the rotation super smooth and balanced operation, which provides the all-day fishing comfort without breaking and bending anything.

Comes with the incredible stopping power of 17.5 lbs with the impressive run-stopping capacity to cover the retrieve. It would not let the catch to move back into the water combined the whole design of the reel having the main shaft made of the hardened metal, meshed drive gearing system, and the precision-machined pinion gears to call off the excellent fight to peace where the catch compromises to lose all the power.

All black matte bodies with the golden inset and the hollowed-out designed the frame with graphite to feel lighter and stylish while enforcing the overall strength to bear all the force and the extreme conditions to give the best result to every cast.

  • Graphite frame
  • Best priced spinning reel
  • Black matte body
  • May cause trouble to put the reel back.

4. Sougayilang DK6000

Combo of the fresh and saltwater, we proudly introduce Sougayilang DK6000 that knows no boundaries to cast anything and everything off the salt and freshwater and designed with the best of the features making it one reliable spinning reel to fish all day long.

Having integrated with the perfect gear ratio of 5.2:1 and the collapsible CNC-machined cut ABS handle that interchanges to left and right without a problem that supports all kinds of anglers to catch your best catch super smoothly reliably.

To further clarify the smoothness it evolves, it is seated with over 11 ball bearings, which is relatively increased in the number than many of the high-end spinning reels simplifying the catching experience requiring just less of the turns due to the increased number of ball bearings and every turn ensures it covers a lot of the distance.

Comes with adjustable cast control sound tickling as the line throws into the water, and the S-curve oscillation system winds up the line quickly and without entangling on the way back.

The high-tensile gear hooked with the aluminum spool increases its durability and performance without getting too stuck. It would not have you to perceive force that may eventually turn you exhausted, resulting in a lot of retrieval time.

A streamlined and ultra-thin body with the brilliant line lay oscillation system does not leave the line loose enough to ruin the line upon retrieval.

  • Comes with CNC-machined cut ABS handle
  • S-curve oscillation system
  • Interchangeable and collapsible wood handle
  • Dry out ASAP when lowered in saltwater

5. Mitchell 300-C

Simple and powerful, these two words summarize the potential efficiently of Mitchels 300-C.

Loaded with eight ball bearings and one instant anti-reverse that simplifies the smooth operation that reduces every chance of taking the line going back into the water. Every dial turn ensures faster retrieval to take away from the water rather quickly.

Added with Bail Halo, that innovatively brings the superior strength that would never let the frame bend, eventually getting it to break.

Stronger to the extreme levels as it got the body made with advanced polymeric and hooked up with an aluminum handle along with the spool, which doubles the strength to bear all the force and the power the catches usually convey and no low-profile body can actually take up.

Integrates the high-end multi-dis system that comes with the consistent drag pressure to yield without breaking the line and seated with over eight ball bearings balances all the power to drastically reduce to calm down the unclaimed catches in no time. The moment they are wiggling like crazy that is easily put up in balance without giving you enough to handle.

All in all that is one heck of the spinning reel you would be proud to have in your ownership! 🙂

  • Body made with polymeric
  • Multi-disc system to deal with the drag pressure
  • Bail Halo
  • Does not reverse

6. Sougayilang XY1000

Another one from the same ‘newer’ brand, Sougayilang XY1000 known to be top-class and feature-rich spinning reels that brings the increased smoothness and the durability to rely upon its strength.

Includes the free spare graphite spool (ALL FREE) in the box, the smoothness is ensured with having over thirteen ball bearings exclusively designed for corrosion-resistant and formed with the stainless steel along with one stop-away and anti-reverse bearing that stops the line to go back into the water ensuring the ultra-smooth performance.

Robust construction is equipped with precision brass gears, and the hardened enough main metal shaft, and a triple-disc carbon drag washer with the interchangeable right and left CNC-machined aluminum handle to change the direction of the problem.

Ensured with the high power, the Superior Drag System comes with the incredible stopping power to fight off the fish to reduce its ability to help it to retrieve fast.

Lightweight to the best, it comes designed with a hollow frame with the computer balancing system ensures the high performance being super light in the weight to fish for a longer time.

Recommended using in all kinds of fishing environments, including salt and freshwater, no matter if you are sitting upright on the shore or found yourself in the middle of a lake or the open sea to count every fishing session.

  • Includes free spare graphite spool
  • Superior Drag System
  • Increased ball bearings
  • Oversized handle and the knob

7. Piscifun Flame 5000

Bringing another from the same brand, Piscifun Flame 5000, is the one that goes to be super affordable in price and super excellent in the performance that is compatible with beating down even the high-end and the expensive spinning reels found around the market.

Bearing the elegant design where the body is colored in matte black with the mixture of red aluminum spool resembling the Flame that is part of the model to do the flaming work at its best.

Comprising the x-shaped spool with the unique hollow body gives the personalized experience ensuring the spinning reel does the best of its work at the comparatively lower price tag.

Hard to digest the price it labeled with and the lightweight claim made the body with narrow hollow graphite weighing around 8.5oz that assures to be part of your fishing gear every time and never disappoints for a bit.

Incredibly smooth, it got over nine, and qualitative ball bearings with one roller bearing add to sync up with the precision gears engagement providing you with the buttery smooth performance to reliably catch even the more massive fish with ease its incredible drag power of over 19.8 lbs.

Doubles the power being made the main shaft with reinforced metal and the drive gear while the pinion gear being made of precise-machined brass seated with triple drag washers to deal with the massive catches in good.

The braid-ready spool does not break the line when fully lowered into the water, saving you from facing the ordeal of always having the extra line at hand.

  • X-shaped spool
  • Graphite-made body
  • Higher drag power
  • A little overweight

8. Okuma Ceymar C-30

Looking for the extensively performance-rich spinning reel, just do not leave investigating deep about Okuma Ceymar C-30 that is one of the finest spinning reel available in the market that is tagged with the price range lower than $ ’50s.

The professionals worldwide’ ultimate choice to have the enjoyable fishing session performed in the freshwater to catch from brass to carp, catfish, and more.

Wrapped with the 6 to 8 pounds of the line to drag the catches in your control the moment it comes hooked as it is exclusively crafted with the high-quality materials to combine and increases the power to be tested while dragging the catch and at the time of retrieval.

Comfortable, lightweight construction with the soft touch to feel the light and EVA handle knobs, and the body is made of the hardened graphite that does not feel like any weight being attached in your hand.

Includes up to 7 high-quality ball bearings with one reverse bearing that brings the never-experienced smoothness with robust and multi-disc drag systems with precision and machined-cut brass pinion gear to perceive the best performance with the increased smoothness to take out the catches of the water efficiently.

  • Eva handle knobs
  • Machined-cut brass pinion gear
  • Does not work for surf fishing

9. Runcl Titan II 2000

The perfect blend of the performance with the durability, Runcl 2000 Titan II 2000 delivers the higher strength to perform beyond the expectation as it comes constructed with the body using full and hard metal and two-color anodized done after polishing.

As with the frame, the precision-machined single-piece delivers the enhanced durability that you may perceive when put into the water and ready to hook the catch regardless of how heavy it is.

The rotor component’s surface protects the outer body from scratches and anything by laminating the phosphate coating that makes it resistant against wear and tear.

Tested exclusively for 168-hours of Salt Mist that does not attract the saltwater corrosion requiring you NOT to wipe off the saltwater the minute you take the line out of the ocean. Meaning, you are well protected to find this Runcl Titan II 2000 spinning reel would never catch the rust and would not seize to work ever.

Comes with built-in R.E.S.S. (Runcl Entire Shield System), which protects everything from the main body, rotor, and spool to keep everything from water, dirt, and sand out to avoid the accidental dunk to extend its life without replacing any parts over time.

Braided-ready spool with the metal grip, which turns out to become angler-friendly from having the braid to slip and eliminating the need to apply the monofilament backing or the tape to ensure when the line is going to end when lowered into the water.

  • Tested against 168-hours into Salt Mist
  • Includes Runcl Entire Shield System
  • Multi-disc carbon drag system
  • Does not flex a lot when hooked up the heavier fish

10. SeaKnight Rapid 4000H

Consequential to the best, SeaKnight Rapid 4000H, the spacious gearing system of 6.2:1 that efficiently draws out the catch with ease and without having you to face any ordeal on the time of retrieval.

Designed for the fresh and saltwater and comes with the anti-corrosive coating to work best in the saltwater that requires you NOT to wipe away the water when done with fishing.

Equipped with a thickened main shaft and seated with 10+1 stainless ball bearing along with a carbon-backed fiber drag system with the dragging power of 33 pounds of 15KGs to land your best gamefish of the lifetime.

It comes with a sealed aluminum spool with the rotor structure that prevents the water from entering the reel, which is the ultimate source of ruining the gearing system way before its expected life.

Compatible to fish walleyes, catfish, bass, stripers, northern pike, and more from the fresh and saltwater without discrimination.

  • Heavier drag power of up to 33 pounds
  • Laminated with anti-corrosive coating
  • No spare pool included


Let’s call off our exclusive hunt for the best spinning reel under 50 by listing over 10 high-end spinning reels out from the market.

While it does not give us any trouble to be budget-conscious, the list is wholly equipped with the fantastic spinning reels that would fascinate you to believe how come they would be anywhere below $ 50’s mark.

So, get one and thank us later! 🙂