Best Ultralight Spinning Reels – Top 10 Reviews 2020

Best of the best ultralight spinning reels, which is in-demand by quite some time, ensuring you enjoy the full-fledged fishing experience by handing the super or, better say, the ultralight one significantly accommodates the new anglers learning how to cast and gain the experience by hooking the lightweight catches.

The new anglers and the kids cannot really manage to hold the expensive ones (rich in features) that are meant to reduce the fatigue and keep the weight to the deficient level to hit the longer casts.

Everything keeping to the lighter degree, the ultralight spinning reel requires the lighter rod, line, and the lure, which means that is NOT gonna cost you a lot on purchasing these gears, which are definitely good for the new anglers to enjoy it to its full bits without straining your wallet.

The one crucial factor to see what the ultralight spinning wheel generally contains; is the lightest build of the frame, which increases and reduces the frame’s weight. With the ultralight reel, that is the primary object that goes super light in value.

And the notable abilities such as withstanding the corrosion and the impressive gear ratio combine the retrieval of your good catches AND without impacting the build to last years of operation.

So, wait no more as we already got the super best ultralight spinning reel for you to choose from — All of them enriched with the features you can find them off doing the best on the water no matter if that is your first day of fish catching.

List of the best ultralight spinning reel — Updated picks for 2020!

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel
Ball Bearings
Gear Ratio
Drag Power
Piscifun Flame 2000
19.8 lbs
KastKing Summer Centron 500
17.5 lbs
Cadence CS5-3000
36 lbs
KastKing Summer Centron 2000
17.5 lbs
Daiwa StrikeForce-B SF1000
4.4 lbs
KastKing Sharky III 2000
39.5 lbs
Pflueger President PressP30X
10 lbs
Okuma Ceymar C-20
17.5 lbs
Pflueger President PressP25X
10 lbs
Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500 FB
24 lbs

1. Piscifun Flame 2000

Piscifun Flame 2000We definitely LOVE the build and design of Piscifun Flame 2000, given that the color embossed resembles the pure form of the ‘Flame,’ which is why it got it in its name.

The exquisite appearance came with the matte black body and paired with the red-colored aluminum spool to do brilliantly great detail at work.

The X-shaped spool’s unique hollow body gives the personalized touch to handle to feel super pro anglers the moment you touch it. With the price factor, that goes to be unbelievably affordable, causing not much to your wallet.

Got over three high-grade and well-performing drag washers that would NOT let it get rusty and ultimately stop operating, but that is not what you will experience with this ultimate ultrathin spinning reel even though going into the saltwater every often.

This ultralight spinning reel lingers around the lowest end of the lightweight as it merely weighs about 8.5oz or 0.31KGs that enables you to enjoy every fishing trip to its extreme seamlessly.

Signatory to hold the pure power, the incredible drag power of over 19.8 lbs gives you the plenty of it to withstand and fight the heavier catch coupled with the awesome constructing using the reinforced metal main shaft, entrusted drive gear, and the precise-machined brass pinion gear to manage the whole day fish-catching without giving you any trouble at all.

  • Finest finish
  • Hollow body
  • Powerful stopping power
  • A little heavy

2. KastKing Summer Centron 500

The good thing about the ultralight spinning reels, they are relatively inexpensive (we would not label the ‘cheap’ word here) than the most spinning reel types available in the market.

With the same concept, we got KastKing Summer Centron 500 priced equitably valued with having the best features attached to turn the new angler to feel like a pro ultimately!

Lightweight, of course, as it got its frame designed with the narrowed graphite and balanced with the computerized system that combines this compact reel to hit the highest-ever performance that seems unbelievable to put out.

Bearing the high power to fight off the heavier fish with convenient, loaded with the Super Drag System enabling to provide the stopping power of more than 17.5 lbs perfected by the combination of hardening metal main shaft, meshed drive gear, and of course, the precision-machined pinion gear to support all the fight despite the catch giving you a hard time pulling it out the water.

Got up to nine high-quality ball bearings along with one instant and stopped one-way anti-reverse bearing that delivers the highly smooth performance without having the catch to go into the water and not having you to keep the handle pulled all the time.

Durable and containing the best attractive finish and strengthened with the two-color anodized aluminum spool with the powerful launch lip that takes you to cast a little longer than most and holding more lines than many of the competitors’ available market.

  • Aluminum spool
  • Ensures smoothened performance
  • Powerful launch lip to make the longer casts
  • A little undersized main gear shaft

3. Cadence CS5-3000

Why NOT go with the newer brand that is taking up the customers’ traction and building the customer base by the passage of time, holding the higher trust factor shown by its customer support, helping it gain more of the attention.

Cadence CS5-3000 is the one kind of the ultralight spinning reel known for the high-performance. It includes the premium-classed features at the unbeatable value — the value that does not affect many wallets to spend a fortune to own this feature-rich spinning reel.

The (super) lightweight build with the higher-concentrated meta carbon mainframe makes it 53 percent lighter. In comparison, stronger by 20 percent than aluminum, withstanding much force without ever having you experience the bend caused hooking the overweight catches.

After the ultra-lightweight construction, the smoothness to the never-experienced level made it entirely possible to deliver the increased stability and the drag smoothness with over 8 + 1 corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball-bearing, which comes with super low torque imported directly from Japan, the land of steel! 

Experience the farther speed and the casting by having the super unbeatable performance as it comes entitled with the smooth gearing ratio of 6.2:1 that never lets the line to stick.

The incredible stopping power of over 36 lbs installed with Superior Carbon Drag System engineered with stainless steel main shaft and the zinc alloy-based main pinion gear and perfected precision machines pinion gear to reduce the fighting power NOT to be felt on by the reel.

EVA handles engineered with the ergonomic standards deliver the increased comfortability without adding much of the weight that would make you love it more to hit the shore every often.

  • Works best in salt and freshwater
  • Carbon made
  • Best for kids and new anglers
  • It takes time to disassemble to change the broken mechanics.

4. KastKing Summer Centron 2000

Another line in the line of the best ultralight spinning reel from KastKing Summer Centron 2000 that prices well-reasonably yet featured with the fantastic pieces that complete the whole of its design to match beyond what the most anglers do expect out of such an ultralight spinning reel.

The frame being made with the narrow graphite and balanced in a sense that gives the best results while keeping the fatigue all away via the computerized balancing system to achieve the highest-ever performance out of this compact reel.

Robust to the best, seated with the Superior Drag System with the incredible stopping power of more than 17.5 lbs designed with the hardened metal main shaft, precision machined pinion gear and the meshed drive gear that keeps away the heat to build and performs super smooth without sticking in any gear EVER.

Integrated with superior quality ball bearings made of the stainless steel and one instant stop one-way and anti-reverse bearing to ensure it never degrades performance.

Looks good AND looks brilliant; it got the heightened strength of two color anodized aluminum spool with the power launch lip, which shoots the casting to go much further than your expectation while holding more of the line than many of its competition and on the top of that, finest and the fabulous black-matte finish that would hardly catch any scratch no matter how badly you try to. 🙂

  • Ultra-smooth function
  • Best for ultralight fishing
  • Bail and line roller may give you some hard time.

5. Daiwa StrikeForce-B SF1000

Look at the price! Look at the features! That is literally how my mind is shouting deep down in it!

The real unbeatable price is called this one! Daiwa StrikeForce-B SF1000 wins the spot of being the best affordable ultralight spinning reel coupled with all the high-end features to get started with your fishing professional (or at least the addiction we say.)

Comes with an ABS aluminum spool for the ultralight fishing as it got the max drag of 4.4 lbs (that is fine given the fact it is ONLY designed for the ultralight fishing.

And the gearing ratio of 4.9:1 crafted with the DigiGear digital gear would still deliver the never-seen experience of catching the heavier fish (not take it seriously though) as it goes to be helping to retrieve the catch out of the water rampantly easier.

Foldable handles convert the space out of this already-compact ultralight spinning reel to store anywhere without the thoughts developing in mind that the handle may get damaged or twisted.

Integrated with the Twist Buster, which dramatically reduces the line twist, makes it wind up the line without any problem to face. The loosen line can eventually destroy the whole of it by getting tangled and entangled.

Single ball bearing that ultimately closes in the line to up to 21.2″ per handle turn and that makes it to weight just around 6.7oz.; the perfect combination of the lightest in weight ultralight spinning reel you can bring in for your kid and the person who’s going to celebrate the first day at the shore.

  • ABS aluminum spool
  • Low-level of max drag power
  • Only for kids and the new anglers

6. KastKing Sharky III 2000

Entrusted brand, KastKing Sharky III 2000, acknowledged for the never-experienced performance with going smooth and silky right into the water no matter if it’s salt or fresh.

Constructed the frame with graphite, the adapted design keeps it lightweight, but that does not stop it from trying hooking even the heavier catches as it holds enough power to land the trophy fishes in all fishing conditions and the seasons.

As with the body, it is made with not just the graphite but the fiber-reinforced graphite along with the rotor to go high in the performance and not to turn hot by retrieving the relatively heavier catches.

For the power, the best-in-the-class stopping power of 39.5 lbs or up to 18KGs to never say NO to retrieve out the massive catches with all the smoothness as it comes with the reliably triple-disc carbon fiber drag and being fitted with an oversized stainless steel main shaft while holding the stronger precision meshed manganese brass pinion gears to deal with the muscular fishing. 

Fitted with K.I.S.S. makes the entire reel, including spool, body, and rotor, all sealed that provides and is integrated with the water’s unique protective design through the exclusive KastKing Intrusion Shield System that helps to keep the dirt out as well.

Fin braid-ready aluminum spool relieves you from tabbing over not to use to back the line when spooling, which is an outdated process the anglers do not like to deal with for now.

  • Employed with K.I.S.S.
  • Black and Blue color combination
  • Powerful operation with smoothness
  • No sealed drag system

7. Pflueger President PressP30X

Another finest of the ultralight spinning reel makes up into our list by the name of Pflueger President PressP30X, owning the pinnacle of the features halved in the price.

Integrated with most serviceable stainless steel ball bearings, over 10 of them react to corrosion never to build up no matter whether you cast it into the fresh or saltwater without a second thought.

And there comes the body and the rotor that are made with the highly-efficient graphite that ensures the lightweight claim that takes it to a weightless spinning reel to enjoy casting for all day long.

A braid-ready spool comes with allowing you to tie the braid directly to the spool that does not let it slip or tear when the full length has been lowered down into the water, searching for sitting on the sea’s surface.

The all-sealed drag system had the drag washers being sealed and always kept lubricated to perform with increased smoothness consistently. The slow oscillation gearing system improves the line to lay down correctly to minimize the line twist from getting entangled at the time of retrieval and winding up to the reel.

The gear ratio of 5.2:1 eases down to retrieve any size and volume of the catches more efficiently and smoothly without having you to waste more time in pulling them outta the water.

  • Sealed drag system
  • Self-lubricated drag washers
  • A bit high in price

8. Okuma Ceymar C-20

Known for the power, Okuma Ceymar C-20 got everything up to the part in ensuring the performance to test on the shore.

Starting from the superior drag system having the multi-disc and always oiled-felt having you NOT to pour the oil every often and forgetting about it would ruin the dragging system for sure by depriving off the oil and losing the grip may eventually lead you to have the teeth get cut and rubbed.

Perfected with the anti-reverse and quick-set roller bearing that stops the line from going back reversing into the water due to hooking the heavier fish. So, you can take off your hands from the handle for a moment while the fish is meant to give you a hard time wanting to loosen up off the hook.

Comes with the unique designs crafted the handle using the forged, rigid zing, and then black anodized to LOVE turning it more, and it would not let it slip and provide you with an excellent grip.

Includes the precision-machined cut-brass pinion gear along with the corrosion-resistant graphite body combines to deliver the outclass performance to fish with having the best in your hands.

  • Machined cut brass pinion gear
  • Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Forged zin and black anodized handle
  • Goes good with small-sized fishes

9. Pflueger President PressP25X

Slendring design, exquisite finish, and the unbeatable performance; Pflueger President PressP25X would never let you down.

Having been equipped with a 10 bearing system all made with the stainless steel ball-bearing and laminated to fight off the corrosion that ensures it lives more of the operational life than expected.

Make the rotor and the body with the lightweight graphite and braid-ready spool that gets you to tie up the line directly to the spool that does not let the line get cut off when fully cast.

Comes with a Sealed Drag System having the sealed drag washers that are always lubricated to make it perform with super smoothness.

And having the slow oscillation gearing system enables you to deliver the improved line laying while minimizing the line twist upon retrieval so that you do not need to pull up the reel not to have it winded up all loose.

Packaged with plastic clams and the blisters, Pflueger President PressP25X has the reel size to 25 with the gear ratio of 5.2:1 that guarantees running smoothly for fishing all day long.

  • Seated with corrosion-resistant ball bearings
  • All sealed drag system
  • Graphite-made body and rotor
  • Creates a little noise

10. Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500 FB

Maybe this would have been introduced a little earlier (that might be what you would be thinking after getting a glance over this) because Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500 FB gives the assurity of the finessed finish, modernized features, and the price that is too high (jokes apart!)

The impressive gear ratio of 5.0:1 goes with retrieving and reversible without having the no-anti-reverse switch. What does that mean? It may (and will) go in reverse unless you have the firm grip holding the handle.

The highly effective line retrieval rate of up to 28.70 inches to 73 centimeters. 

So, what more you can expect out of this ultralight spinning reel is that they are generally lightweight in the weight. And with this Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500 FB, it weighs just close to 6.70oz or mere 190 grams despite the fact of being equipped with 6 stainless steel ball-bearing along with single reverse bearing and one spare spool (all FREE) for the freedom of not spending the money on purchasing the spool later when you find the need of.

  • Smoothly runs
  • Almost weightless ultralight spinning reel
  • Goes reverse and requires you to hold the spool tightly
  • High in the price


Finally, we are FINISHED! Yes, FINISHED in listing the 10 top-of-the-class best ultralight spinning reel just for YOU guys!

Listed in variation, these all of the ultralight spinning reels accommodate the prop anglers to up to kids and the newbies entering into the world of fishing and wanting to get a hold of the ultralight catches to get started with.

So, be ready to own one AND furnish upon your fishing skill! 🙂