Here is good news for hunting enthusiasts. To help the students interested in hunting write about their skills regarding different outdoor activities, we are announcing a scholarship, i.e., “Huntingscan Innovative and Creative Writing Scholarship”.

Keep in mind that this scholarship is meant for students who have a sheer interest in hunting activities. Having said that, there is no restriction on the level you are studying. You can be a college, undergraduate, postgraduate or a graduate to write for Huntingscan.

What will you be getting if you get selected for the scholarship? A whooping $1500 along with free public advertising of your content for sure.

Let’s head towards the participation criteria of this scholarship without any further ado:

Participation Criteria:

The participation criteria are clear and simple. We only want to see your creative side and how much are you interested in hunting.

However, for formality purposes, the simple criteria to enter the competition is as follows:

  • A student must be enrolled in a University for the session 2020-2021.
  • Relevant experience of using hunting weapons and equipment is required.
  • CGPA of at least 2.8 is also required to enter this competition.

Huntingscan’s Demand From You:

To get your chances of winning a huge sum of money high, there are some things that you should be keeping in mind.

So, first things first, you will be required to submit a 5000 word essay on the topic, “My First Hunting Experience”.

You can add anything you want relevant to hunting in this topic to make it as attractive as possible.

While we urge the students to show their creative side, it is necessary to avoid plagiarism or copy others’ work. We will find whether your essay is plagiarized one way or the other. Hence, refrain from plagiarism at all costs.

Benefits of Hunting Scholarship:

The benefits that you as a student can enjoy are as follows:

  • Prize money of $1500 that you can use according to your preferences.
  • Bonuses and extra help in professional hunting adventures for students.
  • Winner will be able to get his/her prize directly from Financial Aid office of the University/College/School.

Well, keep in mind that the winner will be picked solely on merit. We have a team of content writers and editors who will thoroughly review your content and compare it with other submissions.

How to Submit the Content:

Submitting content is the easiest thing in the whole scenario.

It should be submitted at [[email protected]]

Along with the content, you should be required to add details such as:

  • Your Name.
  • University name
  • Email Address.
  • MS Word File of the essay you’ve written.

Deadline Details:

The deadline to submit the content is March 3rd, 2020. We’ll be openly accepting all submissions till the date. The winner will be announced shortly in the same month.

In case you fail to submit the document in time, your submission won’t be counted.

Terms and Conditions of Huntingscan Regarding the Scholarship:

  • Your submission, if gets the first prize, will get acquired by us with full rights and you’ll be paid the prize money as discussed above.
  • Submission will mean that you now agree to its usage rights, i.e. we can use it anywhere we want.
  • Two entries will not be facilitated at all. Refrain from using other email addresses as we can disqualify you via the IP address.
  • Scholarship is meant for the year 2020 only. We’ll be announcing more scholarships for next year.
  • Huntingscan holds the right to change the Terms and Conditions anytime without informing. Keep checking the website for more information.