7 Best Muzzleloader Scopes – (Updated Picks 2020)

The deer hunting season is opening soon, and you are in a hurry to purchase the best muzzleloader scope to fit with your black powder rifles. Even if you think you do not need the scope, that approach will make sure of missing the right chances.

One misfire and expect the deers clearing out of the area that would result in a significant loss of time (and money, of course.)

There is the biggest misconception of using the scopes only with the expensive and high-powered rifles, and the muzzleloaders are good without the scope.

But no, you then need the scopes that get designed to support the muzzleloaders to hit the best accuracy required during the hunt.

Get the best scope loaded on your muzzleloaders to perform the best accurate shots, but which one would work; that is the question!

So, stick with us and go on with knowing the 7 best muzzleloader scope purely designed for the muzzleloaders.

Best Muzzleloader Scope — Updated picks 2020!

Best Muzzleloader Scope
Reticle Type
1. Leupold VX-Freedom
(Editor’s Choice)
Ultimate Slam
BDC 300
Engraved Aim-Pro
Dead-Hold BDC
Red Dot

Our best criteria for picking the best muzzleloader scope

Scope Magnification = Magnify to widen the target for better aiming. The more magnification levels your muzzleloader scopes provide, the easier it would become to hold over the goal, but that would also require you the stable placement of the muzzleloader to hit the long-range target with accuracy.

Reticle Type = Any of the reticle type of your scope got, you will have to learn using them as your practice. But the reticle is essential as anything to make the accurate aim on your prey. And you cannot define the accuracy of your shot to know where it would hit if there is no reticle (and that is impossible to NOT have the reticle on any scope you own.)

Eye Relief = The bigger, the better. Generally, you should opt for the muzzleloader scopes that have a well-defined distance of eye relief to protectively see through the ocular lens without nearing the eye towards the glass. It would not hit the rear of the lens or the bullet powder to refrain your eyes from getting injured and impacted.

Adjustments = The parallax adjustment turrets (one kind of the correction) gets on the ‘zero’ the view to see through the scenes just like you get to see with the naked eyes.

Top Turret adjusts the elevation of your reticle to move and up to down to change the bullet drop.

And the third type of Side Turret helps in adjusting windage to move the scope’s reticle to take it from left to right according to the wind’s flow as it impacts the bullet direction to miss the target if not adjusted correctly.

1. Leupold VX-Freedom – Best Long Range Muzzleloader Scope

Pick the muzzleloaders installed with the best scope, Leupold VX-Freedom designed to hit the target without a miss.

Best crafted for the impeccable performance of the hunters who missed the durability added with multiple features to enjoy the heat of hunting season.

So, what this Leupold VX-Freedom got inside the tube, let’s find it out;

Technical Features:

  • The model number 174184, this Leupold VX-Freedom scope for the muzzleloaders, comes with 3-9x40mm in a matte finish.
  • Kept lightweight using the aircraft-grade aluminum of 6061-T6 and punisher-tested to count the performance even to the heavy-impact recoil.
  • It comes with twilight light management technology that helps to add ten extra minutes of the shooting light as well as the reduced amount of glare to fix the image quality.
  • The ¼ MOA adjuster operated with finder-clicks to set the windage and the elevator for improved accuracy in capturing the target.
  • The UltimateSlam-typed reticle comes with ballistic dots to gain the best holdover the targets.
  • The gas-blended and the seals tested to measure at the distance of submerging to 33-feet depth in water for trying it to test out for waterproofing and fog.
  • Ensured the testing to survive for up to 5,000 counts of impacts to the punisher against the recoil.
  • And, guaranteed to perform well under severe cold conditions to about -40F degrees as well as to bear the heat to 160F degrees.

Why should you like Leupold VX-Freedom?

Under the price category, this Leupold VX-Freedom muzzleloader scope is filled with the best features to operate as the primary tool to get you the successful hit on your next hunting trip.

The build and the reticle are the best-performing ingredients that bring you the hold over the target.

  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Loaded with lenses that do not attract the scratches
  • ¼ MOA adjusts for correcting the windage and elevation
  • Built with aircraft-quality aluminum and reticle of UltimateSlam with ballistic dots to count every shot a hit!
  • The O-ring seals may pop out after the heavy recoil

Bottom Line:

The prime quality of glasses used to craft the lenses not to lose the sight of any object with the quality build of the overall muzzleloader scope that ensures it is going to last for good long years.

2. Nikon Prostaff P3 – Best Muzzleloader Scope under 200

The excellent hunting with the muzzleloader requires the prime quality of scope to give you the best precision and accuracy with good holdover at the target.

Though it might not be impossible to go with the muzzleloader without any help from the scope, why take the risk? And, minimize the chance of running into the danger by attaching Nikon Prostaff P3 loaded on your muzzleloader.

Technical Features:

  • The best reticle of BDC 300 designed for .50 caliber muzzleloaders to make a perfect shot at the extended range of up to 300 yards.
  • Coated with multiple layers to provide an anti-reflective glass surface to bring the bright and clear sight of the scenes and the embedded light transmission to see through dawn to dusk without fading the light.
  • ¼ MOA hand-turning adjustment turret for windage and elevation to set the reticle at the prime location to lock on the target.
  • One-piece designed scope body with the robust aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand the weather conditions and not turning rusty as well as catching up with water and fog.
  • The knobs for elevation and windage with the spring-loaded mechanism dials back instantly to ‘zero’ when you adjust it to hold on the target.
  • Loaded with quick-focus eyepiece along with zooming control and the turret caps comes with the smoother rotation to get the generous amount of eye relief, and the placement of rubber bumper ring on the outer eyepiece area to protect your brows from getting any impact.

Why select Nikon Prostaff P3?

Sturdiness, performance, and the look; these all three combinations take the equal part to build this masterpiece muzzleloader scope presented by Nikon Prostaff P3.

A shot from Nikon Prostaff P3 is the hit on target!

  • Designed to load on the muzzleloader of .50 caliber with the help of BDC 300 reticle
  • Sturdy design due to its one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum for its enhanced durability
  • Adjustment turrets for correcting the windage and elevation through the spring-loaded mechanism to touch the zero in quickly
  • Installed with rubber bumper ocular lens to maximum protect the eyes
  • May welcome the scratches easily on the body despite the matte finish

Bottom Line:

Attractive price. Brilliant performance. Nikon Prostaff P3 is going to be an excellent addition to your hunting gear.

3. KONUS 7249 – Best Muzzleloader Scope For The Money

Looking for the budget muzzleloader scope that does not degrade in quality to gain the optimum result, KONUS 7249 will make you fall in love with it. 🙂

Load it up on your black powder rifle and enjoy the best hunting experience with this budgetary muzzleloader scope.

Technical Features:

  • With loaded the glass-etched Aim-Pro engraved reticle to lock in on the target that does not miss the hit.
  • Turn the reticle to become illuminated and non-illuminated to see through the magnifications when zoomed in to the highest levels for the easier lock-on.
  • It is designed with multi-coated glasses to eliminate the chance of breakage and to misalign the lenses due to the impacts caused by the heavy recoils.
  • Enough eye relief of up to 2.9 inches takes your brows and eyes protected from getting hit by the impact.
  • Gets loaded on most of the muzzleloaders by using its universal mounting system for secure attachment.
  • Made available to fix the reticle to lock-on the target by adjusting the elevation and windage to ensure there is no misfire.
  • Nitrogen-purged lenses take out all the gas off the tube for the excellent clarity to view the target

Why go with Konus 7249?

Price is the prime and decisive factor to like Konus 7249 more than many high-end scopes to get the job done.

Its design embraces much of the shocks on the heavy recoil, where this scope should not own to try quality and professional hunting.

  • The magnification levels up to 5x to lock on the target at a fair distance
  • Crafted with high-end aluminum materiel with one-tube scope body to protect it from building fog and water
  • Eye relief of up to 2.9 inches for added protection
  • Comes with windage and elevation hand-click dialing turret
  • Engraved Aim-Pro reticle for precise hunting
  • Best for 12 gauge slug shotgun and .50 caliber rifle
  • May create issues after getting past the aims exceeding 150 yards

Bottom Line:

Being reasonably priced, Konus 7249 does fall under the radar of the hunters that need the good-looking scope for their muzzleloaders to hit on the close-ranged targets on the field.

4. Vortex Optics Diamondback – Ultimate Muzzleloader Scope

When you are in dire need of the utmost and most excellent muzzleloader scope that should be well under the budget to perform the against every buck invested, then comes Vortex Optics Diamondback in play.

This paradigm of the scope’s industry, Vortex Optics Diamondback, has all the features set that are praise-worthy.

Technical Features:

  • Up to 5x magnification levels to get hold of a target at a fair distance through its dead-hold MOA BDC reticle that does not come with fancy readings and all it helps to aim right on the mark.
  • The multi-coated lenses get to achieve the crystal explicit and brighter scenes that fast-focus eyepiece. That makes the reticle focused even from dawn to up to dusk and loaded with the precision-glide erector system to smoothly glide the lens not to cause the blur when you are setting in the magnification levels.
  • Metal-made turrets for elevation and windage adjustments to last and remain in working condition as far as the scope itself lives up.
  • One-piece designed scope to bear all the shocks when you mount it over muzzleloaders and slug shotguns.
  • Wrapped with O-ring seals and being the glasses argon-purged to clear it from building the fog and catching the water under extreme weather conditions.

Why go for Vortex Optics Diamondback?

If you ask us what we should recommend for the muzzleloaders scope, we will not feel hesitant to name Vortex Optics Diamondback. To take on all the impact on heavy recoil the muzzleloaders are best known for, this would not feel any due to its sturdy ad shockproof design.

So, get this great hunting companion with you and see the magic of hitting every shot on the target!

  • BDC reticle for easy aiming on the target
  • Developed in one-tube high-grade aluminum to bear all the jerks and shocks
  • Best scope for muzzleloader
  • Offer to fix up windage and elevation to maintain the reticle and employed
  • Multi-coated lenses loaded with the feature of precision-glide erector system to not lose the focus when zooming in on the aim
  • Generous eye relief to up to 2 to 3 inches
  • Limited to target at 200 to 300 yards

Bottom Line:

For price and quality, Vortex Optics Diamondback has no match.

5. Bushnell Banner – Best Muzzleloader Scope for Money

The more significant magnifications and the wide lense, Bushnell Banner is the dearest of hunters to down the deer regardless of whether it is in the static mode or motion.

It is bundled with an excellent set of features to have the record-breaking hunting experience.

Technical Features:

  • Sound magnification levels get you to zoom down up to 9 degrees.
  • More significant eye relief of 3.3 inches to keep your brows and face safe from the impact.
  • It is constructed into the one-piece tube and through aluminum for enhanced durability and performance to absorb the jerks and shocks.
  • Scope lenses made to downsize the intensity of the light to make a good focus over the target, and no views and objects on the sides of lenses should cause trouble in locking on the target.
  • Its multi-x reticle and installation with ¼ MOA finger-click adjustment turrets to correct the reticle according to the wind flow and the elevation to up it from the floor base.
  • Filled the scope optics with dry-nitrogen that pushes away all the chances of getting attracted from water to build fog and coated with multiple layers to withstand the shocks at the time of recoil.

Why opt for the Bushnell Banner?

Best scope for the best price that everyone can afford to hook this profession muzzleloader scope when you cater to win the competition amongst the hunters’ group and this Bushnell Banner along with its Multi-X reticle type will near you close to the first mark!

  • More significant eye relief of good 3.3 inches to not let your eyes come closer to the ocular lens
  • Crafted with quality material to last for years
  • Employed the glasses with the principle of dusk to dawn brightness (DDB) for the enhanced viewing experience
  • Loaded with adjustment turrets to find tune the windage and elevation to correct the position of the reticle
  • Gain fast focus not to feel any blurring
  • Multi-X shaped reticle for secure locking over the target
  • Does not fit on .270 Winchester
  • A little blurry on the full magnification level

Bottom Line:

For the money and quality, this Bushnell Banner does an excellent job with the sets embedded class to enjoy the best hunting experience!

6. Simmons Truplex – Best Budget Muzzleloader Scope

This matte-finish and finest-designed Simmon Truplex is the total inexpensive muzzleloader scope to add into your hunting gears for the next season.

Needless to say, but that came with most-basic and required set of features that is super flexible on your wallet.

Technical Features of Simmons Truplex:

  • Varnished under the multiple-layered optics to bring you a bright and high-contrast view.
  • Loaded with a Truplex-styled reticle for the quickly get the target locked on.
  • Comes with the audible-clicking ¼ MOA SureGrip adjustment turrets for both settings of windage and elevation to match the distance of the target.
  • Crafted with high-quality materials for longevity and easily bear the powerful impact generated at the time of recoil.
  • Proper magnification levels to go up to 9x to hunt down the deer far from you.

Why select Simmons Truplex?

The price is the significant factor here to like Simmons Truplex to load on your muzzleloader, but that is not just it, the magnification level with the clear see-through optics under the price seems to be a winning point for Simmons Truplex to love.

  • Sound-clicking elevation and windage adjustments turrets
  • Up to 9x magnification levels and the Truplex reticle to zoom in on the target to gain the precise accuracy.
  • Best designed to retain shock-proof and fog-proof performance.


  • Not designed for the high-end muzzleloaders

Bottom Line:

Price plus quality combined, Simmons Truplex is quite competitive to the big names.

7. Bushnell TRS-25 - Compact Muzzleloader Scope

This compact, easy to mount, and heavy-duty features-rich Bushnell TRS-25 works with many guns and can hook with the muzzleloaders of many kinds.

Let’s find out the real features of this best-looking scope;

Technical Features:

  • Got up with 3 MOA dotting reticle with 11 different brightness settings to ensure the easy view at long distance and the accurate hit on the target.
  • Its shock-proof construction wrapped with O-ring seals to keep the optics not lose the dryness even if it dives into the water.
  • It is fog-proof due to nitrogen-purged interior to keep fog and humidity away.
  • Enhanced eye relief to give enough protection to your eyes.
  • Its multi-coated lenses keep it safe to bear the massive impact during the recoil.
  • The easy dialing adjusters help to fine-tune the red-colored dot brightness to increase or fade up to the situation.

Why get Bushnell TRS-25?

It comes with the size and the price with 11 brightness settings; this Bushnell TRS-25 can efficiently work during the low-light conditions.

The red dot reticle ensures every hunter with whatever skill he got, can hit precisely on the mark!

  • Red-dotted reticle with increasing and decreasing the brightness to up to 11 proper levels
  • Compact design for mounting on any muzzleloaders
  • Best performing compact muzzleloader scope
  • Designed for being water, fog, and shockproof
  • Not designed for long-range hunting

Bottom Line:

By design, that does not look like a scope but is powerful enough to provide the optimum performance when you are target is in your proximity and expect of not missing a shot!

Conclusion of best muzzleloader scope

Get set ready to try out these 7 best muzzleloader scope that is up to par in quality with the best pricing range.

A good hunt experience is guaranteed to be result-oriented with fewer chances of wasting the shots if you have carefully known the requirements and studied the full-length of features to select which of the scope hits your match.

Rest assured, that is what we have done by introducing the best scopes to mount on your muzzleloader by keeping various factors in check to streamline with your will to get one win a place in your hunting gears. 🙂