Best Spinning Reel Under $100 – Top 10 Reviews 2021

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Take no joke when it is the time to find the best spinning reel under 100 that is close to what you dream for.

Yes, a US$100 bill is quite a cheap price range for anything in the world — especially in the case of finding the reliable and the enough-durable spinning reel that is rich for its performance.

Despite all the odds, we are lucky to get a hold over the best of the spinning reels where anything AND everything is super expensive and goes way out of the budget where the word ‘affordable’ is strange to many.

Coupled with the best in the line that costs less than a hundred bucks equipped with the same power as the expensive ones to feel like a pro angler known for hooking the countless fishes per session!

We have the collection of the different types of the design of the spinning reels for freshwater, offshore, inshore, and the saltwater to enjoy all levels of fishing. Who knows, you get the combo one as well!

So, stay tuned and wait for the pro-kind of spinning reels to take charge of the fishing and inspiring the other fellow anglers with your skill.

List of the best spinning reel under 100 — Updated picks for 2020!

Best Spinning Reel under 100
Ball Bearings
Max Drag Power
(Editor’s Choice)
17.5 lbs
9 lbs
33 lbs
18 lbs
9 lbs
39.5 lbs
17.5 lbs
12 lbs
10 lbs
17.5 lbs

1. KastKing Summer Centron 3000

Leave the fact what it prices AND look at the design; we are sure you would be enchanted to imagine it would be costly enough to get a hold of this KastKing Summer Centron 3000 hardly, but in its truest reality, it costs just a few dollars (not even surpassing the 50’s mark.)

What’s more exciting about this KastKing spinning reel is the most delicate construction, uplifting its performance to compete with the expensive and the known spinning reels available in the market.

Known for the performance as we earlier stated, it is loaded up with the highly-powered Superior Drag System comes with the incredible stopping power of over 17.5 lbs aligned with the hardened metal-made main shaft and the meshed drive gear along with precision machined-pinion gear to fight against the power of the fish without breaking and misaligning its core part to lose all the performance (which would hardly happen over time.)

Hooked up and seated with the high-ended and qualitative MaxiDur ball bearing up to nine of them and one single instant stopping oneway and anti-reverse bearing that ensures the ultra-smooth performance to beat down the competition and the pool of fellow anglers with the significant margin.

And that is all kept super lightweight constructed with the narrow graphite frame design and the balancing system aligned with the computer combined with having the high performance felt on every cast.

Get over dual color-anodized aluminum spools for the effortless casting experience and the frame to resist the corrosion to last relatively longer (years, of course) to provide you with the fun to do the fishing in any professional way.

  • Best brand and the impressively-designed spinning reel
  • Ice fishing
  • Lightweight
  • Undersized main gear

2. Pfleuger President PressP30x

Aluminum, the known material for keeping the built-product super lightweight and absorbing all of the hard jerks without bending the design, Pfleuger President PressP30x does precisely the same thing you would experience having the massive fish hooked on the line.

To be exact, its 0.45 pounds in the weight proves it is no less than surpassing the claim of being lightweight because the size of this spinning reel generally is somewhat and a bit heavier in the matter, but this one is a total opposite than it looks.

For the ultimately smooth operation, it comes with a 10 ball bearing system seated with the corrosion-resistance stainless steel ball bearings to never stop yourself from casting the line into the water even after days long of a break.

With the drag system being totally sealed and covered where no water could damage the whole of it by having the drag washers fully sealed and being lubricated all the time ensuring smooth operation all the time.

And the slow oscillation gearing system improvises the line laying while heavily minimizing the line from getting twisted where the faster lowering down could cause it and eventually heat up the system occasionally that could turn out to be super damaging for the reel to go out of order.

Made the body and the rotor of the pure graphite, and the spool always braid-ready that lets the line tie directly to the spool with the indications while the line is about to get casted fully into the water identify how much is left.

  • Totally lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant build
  • Produces a little noise

3. Daiwa BG 8000

Impressive designs cost a little bit high but rest assured, our all of the collection of these best spinning reels would not pass beyond the $100 bill.

With this Daiwa BG 8000 spinning reel recognized by the established professional anglers worldwide due to its high-end construction.

Made with the black anodized-machined aluminum housing labeled “HardBodyz,” having the body and its side cover along with the over-sized DigiGear system for the seamless operation.

Having the solid of the screw-in handle seated with the air rotor and the aluminum ABS spool’s dynamic-cut rotates the handle a little faster and easily without hitting any obstacles.

As with the spool being braided-line ready and the waterproof drag system which protects it from getting wet no matter how hard you get to try and backed by the carbon ATD to close in the line real quickly with turning the handle that closes in around 53.3″ per turn.

Holding the power of more than 33 lbs for the drag’s maximum, which makes it compete even with the most massive fish without fiddling with all the hassle, the low-end of the spinning reels cannot face.

The gear ratio of 5.6:1 helps keep the heavier fish to slowly take out of the water without wasting much of the time turning it exhausted first. Rotate the handle, and it would not drag back into the water because of having the infinite dual anti-reverse system that does not let the line reverse upon the force.

  • The synthetic material used to construct this spinning reel
  • Powerful max drag power
  • Weighs a bit

4. Okuma Ceymar C-55

Brilliant at work, this spinning reel from Okuma Ceymar C-55 comes packed with all the necessary tweaks to make it one reputable reel available in the market that can give the tough time to all the contenders.

It comes with the machined-cut brass pinion gear that streamlines the retrieval combined with having over 7 stainless steel-based ball bearings and the multi-disc with a Japanese oiled-felt drag system that helps to run the line smoothly to fight and cope with the fish to calm it down without turning yourself exhausted.

Comfortable and lightweight construction is the core of the design used to put it up altogether, having the enough-soft touch and the feel of lightweight and the EVA handle knobs and the body made with the graphite to withstand all the pressure and the force which you know is common to have when up for the fishing.

Made for the ultimate corrosion-resistant that provides the ultimate inshore saltwater fishing experience where the graphite-made body and the frame and the side plates to the rotor go light and smooth at work avoiding contact ensures it does not cut down and rust over time.

Perfect for catching striped bass, redfish, shallow water bottom fish, snook, and more without any hassle.

  • Machined-cut brass pinion gear
  • Aluminum bail wire
  • No spare spool included.

5. Shimano Sedona Fi 2500

Now comes the turn of Shimano Sedona Fi 2500 at the number fifth of the best spinning reel under 100, and of course, it is well under 100 without a single doubt.

Lightweight and compact, the overall construction fits nicely under your palm, but that does not mean you can question its performance at all.

Being 1.1 pounds in weight and having a gear ratio of over 5.1:0 simplifies the retrieval to take your favorite fish out of the water with ease.

Having the line capacity varying by the drag power on the different distances starting with 120 yds / 10 lbs, 140 yds / 8 lbs, and 200 yds / 6 lbs so, you should be known well with the fact how much the line has been lowered into the water and the expected drag power you can have to fight off the fish having the weight not surpassing even by the single of lbs.

Turn the handle made of the pure aluminum to feel super lightweight and sturdy, which helps to take down the line retrieval rate to around 29 inches per crank (full turn), so it wraps up the whole line in mere seconds.

Backed by ball bearings of over 3 made with the original and pure stainless steel and 1 anti-reverse bearing, which stops the line to go back into the water on its own, giving you the perfect locking experience to hold the fish despite the force it puts up.

And the maximum drag force of 9 lbs enables it to fight off the smaller fishes found around. Hooking the heavier ones may eventually break the line due to excessive drag power.

  • Impressive line capacity
  • Higher gear ratio
  • A bit heavy in price
  • Short drag force

6. KastKing Sharky III 3000

Another one from the renowned spinning reel brand, the KastKing Sharky III 3000, is the combo spinning reel solution that deliberately works in fresh and saltwater without any hassle to produce.

We personally are in total love with KastKing; they are known to produce high-end spinning reels within the price range that is super budget-friendly for all the entry-level to professional anglers who know no boundaries. Wherever they find the water, they are ready to cast the line! 🙂

Particularly with KastKing Sharky III, 3000 is known to be the next-generation spinning reel designed for modern fishing practices. 

Built tough to land yourself the season’s trophy fish (so possible!) out of the salt and freshwater through this lightweight fishing reel made with the fiber-reinforced graphite body and the rotor to do more than the expectations!

And the K.I.S.S. based sealing system is employed to protect the spool, body, and rotor from defending it against turning wet and stopping the water from ever getting entered as well as the dirt which guarantees the reel to live more than the expected life.

Having the silky, smoothened retrieve system got equipped with KastKing Sharky III 3000 along with a unique Shark Fin Braid-Ready aluminum spool does not let the line to slip back into the water while spooling the line to take the fish out and be right in your possession.

  • Integrated with the K.I.S.S. system
  • Highest max drag power
  • Plastic foot

7. KastKing Summer 2000

Ice fishing and the ultra-lightweight spinning reel come from KastKing Summer 2000, recognized for the incredible fishing experience.

Known for the more excellent value, too low on the price but offering the best result all the time that feels like a pro angler after the first cast on the first day.

For the claim of being ultra-lightweight, being made of the narrow graphite frame design and the computerized balancing system ensures the high-end performance, this kind of compact spinning reel is taken as otherwise.

Comes with the highly powered system backed by the Superior Drag System, which delivers the best stopping power of over 17.5 lbs to deal with most of the catches conveniently.

Made the main shaft with the hardened metal and the mesh drive gear, and the precision-machined pinion gear completes the retrieval experience to fight off the fish with the increased power without even needing to lose the fight. 🙂

Seated with nine ball bearings made of the pure stainless steel and one-way instant stop and the anti-reverse bearing providing you with the ultra-smooth performance without an issue. The line retrieved would not go back into the water no matter how hard the catch tries to.

Best finished with the high-strength two color-anodized aluminum-made spools comes with the power launch lip to do the farther casting without much effort beating all the competitors by a right margin.

  • Best for ice fishing
  • Lightweight
  • A little heavy

8. Penn 1338218 Battle II 3000

Best in the price and the performance, this spinning reel from Penn 1338218 Battle II 3000 is the idealized spinning reel designed for conquering the saltwater game fish of the extended size.

Made with the mixture of stainless steel and the metal combined the body, rotor, and the side plate that assures the durability where it would not twist and break with excessive usage and handling the overweight game fish with no problem.

And the heavy-duty aluminum ball wire increases its durability to the unimaginable levels to last for years of operation.

The drag system backed by HT 100 carbon fiber deals with the powerful drag that does not sacrifice the smoothness and fluid cranking having over 5 sealed stainless steel ball-bearing and one instant anti-reverse bearing to play up with the fish to take out of the water in no time.

Spool backed with the superfine comes with no backing and is braid-ready with the line capacity rings marketed at the different levels from ⅓, ⅔, and on the full power to know how much the line has been lowered down into the water.

The gear ratio of 6.2:1 retrieves rather quickly than the most spinning reel despite the overweight fish to calm them down while it is about to be taken out of the water.

  • Combined with stainless steel and the metal
  • Fluid cranking with the sealed system
  • Needs to wash up and get oiled after saltwater use

9. Sougayilang DK2000

See the design and the price, AND you would just want to shout out loud ‘wow’!

Of course, the price backed by the features Sougayilang DK2000 bears is stunning to know how much of them it got.

Got up to 11 balls bearing and the CNC machined cut ABS and the collapsible handle. The gear ratio of 5.2:1 gives the pure, smooth retrieval experience with having left to right interchangeability to assist the left and right hand-oriented anglers.

The line lay oscillation system with the precision gives the body the ultra-thin body to fit nicely into your hand.

Suitable to operate in the salt and freshwater, including the seas, rivers, and lakes casting from the shore and over the boat to enjoy all kinds of fishing experience.

Dynamic roto with the carbon drag system and the durable drag knob gives the best smooth retrieval, and the winding never gets stuck in the middle of retrieving the fish out the water.

  • Interchangeable and collapsible wooden handle
  • Works in fresh and saltwater
  • Unfortunately, no extra spool included.

10. KastKing Brutus 2000

And comes the last of the entrants into our best spinning reel under 100 from KastKing Brutus 2000!

Known for the exceptional performance against the affordable price that is unbelievably marked to lower. And yes, the pricing factor could make many turned fools, but the brand name KastKing delivers the trust this spinning reel is what you need.

The frame and the rotor made of the lightweight material, namely graphite, perform like the costly spinning reels available in the market.

Proven components using the zinc alloy main gear and the brass pinion gear curtail the noise while providing the durability and the main steel shaft that brings the strength to operate the reel reliably for hours long.

Seated with 4 balls bearing and one anti-reverse bearing, which locks the hook sets, minimizes every chance of backing the line into the water while dealing with the overweight catches.

Comes with a multi-disc drag system giving the ultimate stopping power of 17.5 pounds that is enough of the ability to go and catch the variety of fishes.

  • CNC aluminum spool
  • Made with graphite
  • Does not work in saltwater


This finally finishes off our hunt for the top best spinning reel under 100 compiled with over ten counts.

All equipped with the best of the components and the varying performance to uplift the new entrants’ skills and give the refreshing feel to the already-pro anglers.

And the best thing about the spinning reels; they are well under $100 bill which everyone can easily afford.

Focus over the features AND not the price because what more you can expect in $100’s budget! 🙂

So, get your favorite spinning reel and the rods and the worms to get set ready to hit the water.