What is Airsoft? An In Depth Guide About Airsoft

What is Airsoft? Why people use it? Do you know it? If you don’t know, then you don’t be tensed!!! Just stay with me, I am going to discuss the airsoft and its uses.

Also, it is a game just like paintball and started in the 1970s. It is using in different sporting events and competitions for military and civil defense purposes. The most popular gaming products of the airsoft are airsoft guns. These guns originated from Japan at the start of the 1970s.

Initially, they were named as “Soft gas weapons” to shoot enthusiastic.

Airsoft guns use for sporting events. They don’t have paintball and bullet is made up of pure plastic and has a diameter of about 6mm.

BB guns use metallic shoot pellet that is not very long-lasting and doesn’t have long-range.

Airsoft made guns are made up of both plastic and metal but mostly have durable plastic. These are ideal for the kids having age 15 years or up and best weapons for shooting.

There are many assets of these guns available in the market, and you must check their performance and accuracy before purchasing them.

You can measure the performance of the gun in term of feet per second. Many other factors can also depend on their performance like environment, temperature, a distance of the target point, eye-sight, and many others.

Airsoft replica most popular branded guns include:

  • Classical army gun
  • ICS
  • Tokyo Marui
  • A&K/ASG SVD unique pistol
  • Classic Army M24 LTR

There are many types of these shooter guns, but three of them are very most popular used guns and have high demand in the market that are

  • Electrical Airsoft guns
  • Gas-filled airsoft guns
  • Spring Powered Airsoft guns

In Which Countries These Guns Are Legal?

These uses in some countries like Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and some states have banned to professionally used these weapons like Canada has restricted to import these replica airsoft weapons.

Several features of this fantastic will helpful for the shooter or the player to enjoy during playing time. Let me discuss some exciting features of this gun!

Common Features

  • Some guns have two automatic modes and semi-auto mode, and some firearms are manual like spring powered gun.
  • These guns specially designed for shooting and targeting.
  • These guns are available from low to high price range.
  • Most of the guns use pressurized air for firing BBS.
  • These are made up of durable plastic, and some have a metallic body.
  • These are the best guns and have an increasing demand in the market.
  • Com site is also available to buy these guns online. You need not go to the market to purchase these specially designed guns.
  • Plastic made airsoft guns remain stable and easy to access for the players and beginners.
  • The firearm can fire in utterly automatic mode as well as semi-auto mode. Some guns require AEG’s chargeable batteries and battery charger includes in the box to give to the customer along with it.
  • Training book is also available with these unusual shooting guns for the beginners.

Types of Airsoft Guns

There are three kinds of airsoft guns which discussed below:

1. Spring Airsoft Guns

These types of weapons have a manual mechanism, and you need to rest its BB after every fire. It is not suitable for beginners’ players. A Spring is attached with it to pull the bolt out of the barrel for a shot at the desired location.

There are many spring airsoft and rifles are available in the market that has affordable prices and remains realistic for the long terms.

Before going to different deliberate types of airsoft guns, I want to clear one thing that I will discourse about the replica airsoft gun, not the original guns feature.

2. Gunshot of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Gun shoot is made up of plastic that has a width of 6mm, and there are more than 100 types of Shots are available in the market, and they can also be bought online through the airsoft.com site.

All Gun Shoot size is the same, but its mass or measurement will be different so that you can decide which one will be best for your pistol.

Shallow rate shots are of 0.12 gram, but they are not appropriate for airsoft guns because their mass is superficial and cannot cover the elongated distance.

If you want a massive shot, then you should buy high mass shots for your Airsoft guns. Now, the choice is yours.


It comes with many features, but I am going to discuss only some exciting ones. Your child can enjoy other features as well at the time of playing with it.

  • Its s very low in price and have a manual mechanism.
  • Not be repairable, once broken then purchase new.
  • Its whole body is made up of plastic, very lightweight, and must use with proper care.
  • No mode is available for this gun; you operate it manually.

3. Gas Powered Airsoft Gun

These types of guns powered by a mixture of two gases named as CO2 cartridge and green gas. It is just like pistol and has not full-size gear system into the edge of the gas-powered airsoft gun. Green gas is available in the large bottle and has filled in the magazine to its right side, and CO2 is in a small container.

These guns work best in the hot than the cold because gas is available in the liquid form and must convert into gas and when the outside temperature will be less than its required than its conversion will be more difficult.


In the gas procedure, a percentage of high-pressure air gas from the container being shooter is used to control the overall device to waste the consumed instance and insert a new bucket into the slot.


  • Most of them have a semi-auto mode, but some are fully automatic.
  • They most commonly used for training and shooting purposes.
  • These guys don’t have blowback airsoft guns feature and considered as most powerful and less realistic than the blowback guns.
  • These are less costly than Automatic electric guns.
  • Gas-powered firearms need extra O rings because this replica firearm is very expensive and magazines will start to leak with time.


  • Very sensitive to the outside temperature
  • This gun contains dense gases that are very dangerous and harmful.
  • Have only limited power
  • Additional gas containers will be required if you want to expand the game

Not suitable for the kids have age ten years or less because it comprises of harmful gases that can cause damage to their skins and eyes.

4. Automatic Airsoft Guns

Airsoft electric guns (AEGs) have electric motor powered in a comparable way to a racing car, designed for easy troubleshooting, high power and high rate of fire and are the most popular guns for planned sports events.

  • This gun is fully equipped with excellent gear system so that you can continuously shoot unless you pull the trigger to stop.
  • It is the best gun to shoot and target opponents.
  • These are available in two elegances like pistol and rifle
  • Made up of both plastic and metal, now the choice is yours
  • Has rechargeable batteries, once fully charged then you can play with it the whole day.
  • Fire capacity ranges from 100 to 200 feet
  • These are easily adjustable guns in any weather conditions no matter there is hot or cold outside
  • It has fully equipped with two modes, semi, and auto mode

I am going to discuss below some other significant brands of the airsoft guns.

DE Airsoft AK47 Spetsnaz Automatic Electrical AEG Rifle.

Its whole body is made up of plastic and has moderate weight. You can release the BBs having a width of 6mm by jerk prompt the trigger.

The additional handrail is also accessible for adding extra features like flashlight many other accessories.


  • Plastic body and has moderate weight and have an appearance just like a real gun
  • The magazine is about 15-round
  • Size is medium, but railing has many extra features


  • It runs out CO2 very quickly.
  • Plastic made guns that can be easily breakable
  • Its arrangement is sensible.

5. Highly Pressurizes Air-filled Airsoft Guns

It equipped with an electronic motor attached with the gas container inside the airsoft gun and an engine that regulates how much gas is essential for the single gunshot. When this firearm is in semi-auto mode, it’s functioning technique is unique and quite different from others.

Like Gas-filled Airsoft guns, it also has the feature of blowback pistol. In some situations, this astonishing pistol can also be used to upsurge controlling power of Gas Blow Back rifles and many others.

It some features look like a gas-powered and automatic electronic powered airsoft guns.


  • It specially designed for regular specialists’ players.
  • Straightforward and easy procedure to get access to this fantastic airsoft weapon.
  • More reliable and have greater accurace4 as compared to the spring and automatic airsoft weapons.
  • Has no effect of external weather, whether it is hot or cold outside, it will work better?
  • Whole-body is made up of plastic, and weight is meager.

One it broke, you cannot prepare, and its spare parts are not available in the market, and its internal mechanism is a little bit complicated.

The Procedure of High Pressurized Airsoft Gun

The bottle contains high pressurized air gas. Two types of containers are accessible; one is 3000 psi, and the other is 4500 psi. The 45oo psi bottle has softly curved ends, and 3000 psi bottle has the sharpened bends.

The small bottle is made up of aluminum fire, and the larger one is made up of carbon wire. The outline of the bottle tells you how many air pressure amounts needed for the gunshot.

The purpose of the controller is to normalize the overall output of the bottle so that the inward gas pressure remains constant.

6. Airsoft Stunt Gun

It can shoot at the distance and velocity of 410 feet and has some features just like a gas-powered airsoft gun. Its entire frame is made up of plastic and has a handrail for the addition of more features to the firearm like flash and many other fittings which you want.

Features of Airsoft Stunt Firearm

  • The magazine filled with a mixture of two gases a green gas and CO2
  • It has a very consistent lever and harmless to use
  • This fantastic stunt firearm comes up with a DVD named as fireman Kyle Woods

7. ICS Stunt Guns

These are those guns that are powered by the ICS and have a perfect and long-lasting battery. These are excellent quality replica guns and covered its enemy at a considerable distance so have very high accuracy as compared to other airsoft guns that made the opponent challenging to shoot it. If you are a right expert and shooter, then you must purchase it. I highly recommend this.

Comparing Gas and Automatic Electrical Airsoft Guns

When the gas in the gas-filled airsoft gun comes to an end, you  must quickly refill it on the support from any  nearby gas station that will consume too much time but in contrast to the Automatic electrical airsoft gun , once you charge the battery for the three to four hours once your battery dies and you should have an additional array with you so that it will work after the previous die.

These ordinances are very widespread; their bullets are very reliable has different procedures. It has an air tank that is externally involved to fill it with high compression of the gas. This air container is very exclusive as compared to the other popular airsoft guns like Automatic Electronic gun and spring Airsoft gun.

Difference Between Airsoft and BB Guns

I want to clarify that these two guns are not the same, and some people have confusion about them.

Airsoft Guns
BB guns
Diameter ranges from 6mm to 8mm.
Diameters range is from 4.5mm to onwards.
Overall frame is made up of plastic.
Their outer coating layered with zinc or copper metals.
Less reliable and accurate
More reliable and accurate

Safety Measures

Airsoft guns banned in Australia because of its firearms laws under the National Firearms Agreement.

You must be aware of the local laws of your area before using them and must apply under the safe and proper environment.

  • These are not designed to fire at people. But you can shoot at other people that are in the game.
  • Very dangerous for your skin and can cause welts on your skin.
  • You should wear proper and protective clothes at the time of playing with it.
  • Parents should give guidance to their children and should be aware of their risks at the time of playing with them.
  • Airsoft bits can cause the eye stretches by continuously playing with it.


Is Airsoft a Sport?

It is a military sport where players feel like they are playing with authentic naval guns and weapons. Unlike original arms which are made up of paintball, airsoft replica gun is made up of 6mm round BB that is made up of durable plastic.

Which is Suitable Paintball or Airsoft?

There is a significant difference between the paintball and airsoft firearm that I think it should be clear to you.

Pain ball
Best for larger events
Bets for smaller events
Less reliable
More reliable

Which Gun Is Best Electric or Gas Powered?

Gas-powered airsoft guns are more powerful than the electric because these guns have a higher capacity to fire fast and hard because of its semi-auto mode. Gas-powered airsoft can fire at the approximate speed of 400-500 FPS.

Are Airsoft Guns Illegal?

Airsoft guns are not original firearms weapons and are legally allowed to be used by all people under federal law, but some states have restricted using these guns.

Why Is HPA Airsoft Gun the Best Gun?

HPA has a unique mechanism and uses blowback and Automatic Electrical guns system that makes it’s unique from others. But it’s manipulating system quite tricky and must be handled with great care.

Are Airsoft BBS Toxic?

BB is best for Airsoft guns, especially spring and gas filed gas, pistols, etc. These are free of toxic and very safe to use, each BB comprises 4,000 rds.

Can Airsoft Guns Kill A Human?

These are replica guns and are not as convincing as the original guns, but they can hurt human, and many people use these guns as their hobby or for enjoyment, fun or hunting.

Is Airsoft Gun Safe For 12 Years Old?

Yes, it is harmless for the children having age 12 years or above because it does not have pint ball just like a real weapon and can be accessed very quickly and very benign to use.

But it is little instruction for the parent to check your children’s approach level and give your children proper guidelines before giving this kind of gift to your offspring’s. Thanks!!!!

Will Airsoft kills Squirrel?

Yes, it can cause damage and harmful for the squirrels. This firearm shoots through a plastic milk container that can be dangerous for the squirrels, but they will not die, but the bullet will stay lodged in them.

Are Airsoft Guns Accurate?

It depends on which type of airsoft gun you buy; if you buy weapons that are over 150 to 200 feet and easily covered the target opponent, then it will be reliable and accurate for you.

Can Airsoft Kill Cat or Rabbits?

Many young man and children like to shoot the cat, but it is not a good thing and is against the law. The cat will not die until she remains a target for several times then the cat will die. Animals are very kind-hearted, and we should love animals and don’t try to give any pain to them. Thanks!! Enjoy shooting but keep in mind some creature and some people around you.

How Much Age Is Perfect to Own an Airsoft Gun in Canada?

You must be at least 18 years old or above to own and get access to the airsoft weapons, and there is restriction and against the enforcement law in Ontario that a child who is less than 18 will not purchase such kind of threat.

How Long Do Airsoft and BB Guns Batteries Last?

These guns have very long-lasting batteries and will remain chargeable for one hour or two if you charge it accurately, but BB has no long-term chargeable batteries, their battery timing is not right.

What Is Orange Tip Stands for On the Tip of The Airsoft Gun?

Orange-tip affixed by the airsoft manufacturers on the airsoft weapons to use it legally and to reduce their liability. You should not remove it. It is against the rule, and law enforcement unit will take action on it in case if real firearm weapon.

Final Verdicts

Airsoft unusual stunt replica guns are perfect for kid’s ages ten years or up. With its new and super exciting capabilities and enhanced features, I think it is a best and stimulating gift for your sweetheart’s birthday, as it is precisely designed to enhance children mindset and self-confidence.

These guns are very user-friendly and grasp everyone courtesy for very long eras of time. I love that it has different mechanism and operations to mentor the children that rise their inspiration and for those who have craze or hobby of fighting or shooting in the battleground.

This weapon is undeniably a great useful gun. I recommend this!

Also, if you have any queries about this Guide, feel free to share with us. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your groups and have fun.

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